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    Meat Rabbit Breeds

    Hi everyone So I have been breeding meat rabbits for a while now, I have a california doe, a new zealand buck, a harlequin doe, and a mix-breed (new zealand/harlequin) buck. I'm going to add another doe soon, but I was curious as to what breeds everyone else does for their meat rabbits I'm...
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    Line breeding?

    Hello everyone! Recently I bred one of my bucks (Starpaw) to his mother (Poppy) to get some harlequin/patterned babies. Poppy had a litter of 7 with 4 surviving kits. They're all really beautifully patterned, and I have one female that has a really nice easy temperament, and was thinking about...
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    Harlequin color genes?

    Hey all! So, i am fairly new to rabbit breeding (been doing it since summer) and I have a question about some color genetics. I have a litter currently whose father is a New Zealand self blue, and whose mother is a magpie harlequin. If I breed a male of the litter to his mother (the harlequin)...
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    Buck won’t “fall over” during mating?

    Hi all! I started breeding rabbits earlier this year, I have a New Zealand blue buck (Mr Blue), a Californian doe (Sesame) and a Harlequin doe (Poppy). I’ve already had a few litters this year with both females, but recently I’ve tried pairing Poppy to Mr Blue and he hasn’t been doing the...