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  1. ladysown

    RVHD2 ...the threat

    Just curious as to how others are working through the threat of RVHD2. Living here in Ontario with Covid shutting down the border I'm not too worried yet. Knowing it's already in South Dakota has me thinking it'll be here by next fall at the latest... depending of course, on when the borders...
  2. ladysown

    Thinking outloud, wanting feedback

    Okay, so health in my rabbits is a big deal to me. I have for the most part successfully gotten rid of nestbox eye, odd digestive issues, stupidity, head tilt, and a seasonal losses in kits. WHAT I can't figure out is the seasonal loss of does with kits 10-14 days old. Seasonal loss... when...
  3. ladysown

    Apparently I am out of line

    So pet person contacted me "desperately searching for a pet bunny". Asked me tons of questions... I"m cool with that. Then she starts asking for a video, would I do a video chat? Wants me to do very specific things with a bunny to prove it is healthy and extremely friendly. I say no. I can...
  4. ladysown


    What exactly does that mean? , I take it as bottle fed and/or raised in house away from mom. But I'm not sure if that is what others mean.
  5. ladysown

    enlarged kidneys

    Okay, so I had this young rabbit, a daughter off a mother/son breeding. She was a picky eater, but otherwise seemed fine. She wasn't picking up so I culled her. Teeth were fine, digestive system emptier then normal but otherwise appeared normal. but her kidneys were significantly larger than...
  6. ladysown

    Comments on my four-five month old keepers

    Coal 3860 Light 3859 Pond 3858 I know they are better than their parents, but just wanting the opinions on others. the good, the bad... just a work in progress.
  7. ladysown

    Sable's Kits

    Siamese sable doe. Sable point buck. I know I have pointed white and sable points. In question are the greyish coloured one and the one on the end that LOOKS black but isn't. The middle dark one is a siamese sable.
  8. ladysown

    Colour on kits 10 days old

    (if you click on image it goes full size) I expected fawn and tort. I didn't expect light tort-like with a shiny coat. I've done this breeding before and have always gotten tort and fawn. Thoughts? Mom is a dirty fawn holland lop, Dad a tricolour (orange/black/white) holland lop
  9. ladysown

    looks black but isn't

    I know I could do what I normally do and just wait it out, but.. I have a kit I'm rather curious on the colour. LOOKS black initially but closer inspection shows it is not. The kit underbelly kit top Entire litter: Mom is chocolate (mom chocolate dad black otter) Dad is black otter...
  10. ladysown

    Ontario plant id guide

    Don't know if others know of this site, discovered it this morning.
  11. ladysown

    Young Rabbit Missing Foot

    So I have a young rabbit, about three-four weeks old now, missing a hind foot. Happy, eager youngster that i am loathe to cull if not needed. Friendly little mite too. Scoots around no issues. BUT looking down the road. She'll be a solid four pounds at maturity (most likely based on...
  12. ladysown

    Mystery with baby rabbits, advice requested

    Born June 7 to a rescued doe. Seven kits. Of the seven THREE at this point seem fine. of the remaining four 1. Black otter : entropathic illness from what I could tell, is coming around, eating again, I think it will be fine. Of the remaining three They simply STOPPED. I don't know how...
  13. ladysown

    Shelving babies

    Saw this article today on facebook. Thought it very interesting. ... f=mentions It seems a great way to keep babies safe. I do something similar with winter litters.
  14. ladysown

    Sadness strikes hard

    Not needing help, just wanting to see if my thinking is correct. My Lily was found dead this morning from a prolapsed uterus that I'm pretty sure tore since there was SO much blood everywhere, (imagine a scene from a horror show). She kindled three days ago. One normal, two peanuts. Small...
  15. ladysown

    4h conversations

    so tonight I was at a 4H meeting. I was invited to talk with the kids about showing rabbits, how to pick them up, trim nails etc. It was rather fun though went later than I anticipated. Anyways, I found it interesting. I talked with them about trimming nails and why it was so important...
  16. ladysown

    I don't get it

    I have a bunny priced at one price. Decide that just maybe I might keep her but not really sure so I bump her price up (to cover costs that I will have should I decide not to keep her). And IMMEDIATELY have people interested in her... when before the price increase nary a nibble. I just...
  17. ladysown

    I got fed up

    answering the same question MULTIPLE times I got fed up. So I blocked and deleted messages from a potential buyer. I know.. It was horrible of me to do so. Maybe this person speaks English as a second language. But how many times must I say "no, not litter trained. "yes, I said she is not...
  18. ladysown

    Tale of a little rabbit

    Small holland lop doe had five kits. All fairly small. Decided mothering was not in her mental framework. Kits were cold by the time I found them, two perished. Fostered them to a PROVEN fostering doe. She decided that she was not into raising babies either. ARGH!! Fostered them to a third...
  19. ladysown

    Honey lemon rabbit with angel hair pasta

    Tried something new tonight. it was really tasty and My lad took seconds (normally unheard with a rabbit or chicken recipe). Ingredients: 1.5 lbs of rabbit, boneless, cut into bite-sized pieces. 1 tbsp olive oil Lemon Pepper Seasoning 1/2 cup honey 1/4 cup lemon juice 2 tbsp olive oil 1/2...
  20. ladysown

    "is it friendly"

    I get asked this question frequently by rabbit buyers. And i simply don't know how to answer it. I can easily describe a rabbits behaviour and it's general attitude, but not whether or not it is friendly. to me friendly as a term directed at animals is one that doesn't make sense. People...