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    Another batch of friers processed

    We just got through putting up the last of our 4th litter of kits. So far we have harvested 93 friers. We will have 33 more friers and 2 older rabbits to do. This last batch was probably our best so we're getting better at growing them out. As far as age / weight is concerned. We averaged...
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    Our rabbitry update

    Hello all. Been a while. We have been getting ready for winter around here. We are on our last batch of friers with those kits a few weeks old. Our does, 3 black New Zealand does. My beautiful wife didn't want red eyed rabbits. But wanted New Zealand does. And a Californian buck. Lays around...
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    Feeding oats

    Whole oats are half the cost of pellets. $22 vs &12. I've been mixing in the whole outs at about 20% trying to trim costs. Any thoughts ?
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    This is Ruby, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She watches over the rabbits n let's me know if there are problems. I am training her to hunt moose antlers. They make great dog chews n can fetch a good price if you want to sell them n help cover your homesteads costs. And she is great with our...
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    Restarting our rabbitry

    Hello all. Another Alaskan here. We restarted our rabbitry after 25 or so years. We used rabbits for an animal husbandry class when we homeschooled our 2 kids. We have 3 New Zealand black does n 1 Californian buck. And a stray satin doe that showed up. We currently have 24 - 10 week...