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  1. Ghost

    Are chickens easier and cheaper than rabbits?

    What, I thought i hit the preview button, not the post button. I don"t adapt to change easily.
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    Starting Meat Guinea Pigs: Feeding, housing and questions

    Looking back on my archived post, I found on Feb 17 2018, Greencaller asked a similar question to yours on THIS THREAD. I would suggest reading that one starting at Greencaller. In this thread Akane shares her experience, and I would car fully read all her responses.
  3. Ghost

    Starting Meat Guinea Pigs: Feeding, housing and questions

    You must remember, that from a predator's point of view, guinea pigs are little fur balls that come with a bright neon sigh which screams "EAT ME!". In the US, even in urbane homesteading situations, potential predators such as raccoon and skunks (which can kill/eat them) are everywhere. In the...
  4. Ghost

    Starting Meat Guinea Pigs: Feeding, housing and questions

    Wow, cool, I found someone interested in meat GPs also. Sorry can't post too much tonight too close to falling asleep. I suggest you read my post to see where I'm coming from. If you are wanting to do meat GPs, you need to be realistic on how much meat you expect. I am thinking that if your...
  5. Ghost

    Trouble dispatching with captive bolt gun (graphic photos)

    I'm glad to be of service. It makes me feel go to know that what I write can reduce suffering.
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    Standout breed(s) for ease of keeping a colony?

    I would say that in a colony situation temperament is even more of a priority than when rabbits are raised in single-pins. If you are able to get a hold of a founding stalk that came from a colony situation that would make things a bit easier. It can be more of a challenge to raise rabbits that...
  7. Ghost

    Definitions for Western cuy terminology

    Ok it may seem pedantic, but I come from a STEM background and it really bugs me when I hear people using words that are nor well defined. I try to avoid using words and phrase that have no solid definition. On the other hand I am not wishing to appoint myself the word authority on Rabbit Talk...
  8. Ghost

    Skinning Guinea Pigs

    TRDR: I tried it the first time I attempted to skinning a guinea pig, and it doesn't work well with guinea pigs. I'm not trying to be a butt-head, but I've read your response three times and it seems that you missed the whole aim of the thread (or did not read this thread from the beginning)...
  9. Ghost

    Skinning Guinea Pigs

    __________ Mar 17, 2020 __________ I'm uploading a few more pics so that you can see how I am coming. This first pic is used to describe how the belly slit is created. This next pic shows how the foot is freed from the rest of the skeleton and how the hook is inserted. __________ Tue...
  10. Ghost

    Hide box poop collection?

    I also had a rabbit that liked to save her "hard poops". I have a hypothesis behind this. Back in the days when I went on lots of nature hikes I would notice that wild rabbits in the US would put many of there poops in a single pile. I'm thinking that this behavior goes all the way back to...
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    I'm new here!

    I'm not sure what software you have access to, but in those cases you are suppose to reduce resolution or turn jpg quality down to reduce file size.
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    How is covid 19 effecting everything?

    That is the thing. Raising rabbits CAN be a hedge against food insecurity, But there is a BIG but. Raising rabbits can be a net plus or a net drain. I'm sure their are many people here on RT who find meat rabbits is a net plus in there food budget. But you have to be SERIOUS at rabbits to make...
  13. Ghost

    Tools for processing skin-off cuy.

    In this thread I will discuss the tools that I reference in the how to prepare western cuy. In this thread I can allow myself space to write about my tools and why I chose them. This post will be a reference to my skin-off cuy preparation how-to post. After my how-to is written and I get more...
  14. Ghost


    I don't know if it holds true for rabbits, but I know that it has been "proven" true in some rodents. Stress from predators can trigger a mother to eat her own young. From an adaption strategy it makes sense, if a predator is certain to eat your young, it is better to eat them yourself, because...
  15. Ghost

    Another use for rabbit manure

    Is it just me or did anybody else think about "ammo for some sort of peashooter" when they read the thread title? :laugh:
  16. Ghost

    Growing Herbs for Rabbits

    What about sow thistle and Johnson's grass?
  17. Ghost

    Skinning Guinea Pigs

    I'm continuing to work with the pictures I took during my February guinea pig butcher. I tool over 110 pictures, so just sorting the best can be a process in itself. I have I few images that I will share in this post. First is the finished meat picture. I also have a new view of making the...
  18. Ghost

    Skinning Guinea Pigs

    I did another test butcher (feed dead animals to non-fussy eaters) to apply some of Akane's advice. This time, I started cutting by inserting the seam ripper point under the chin and ripping towards the anus (but stopping before it). I find the seam ripper cool, because it prevents cutting too...
  19. Ghost

    One year in, thoughts on my utility king pigeons

    If you hear the weird noise as soon as they start flapping there wings. Then the noise is caused by air flow around the wing tips. From when I used to bird watch more than I do now, I remember many species of pigeon/doves make different sounds when they take off from the ground. Don't know...
  20. Ghost

    Floppy ear?

    If you are breeding for show this can be a problem. I have a friend from work that has a pet rabbit (she does not know that I eat rabbits). She considers Hops to be her best pet. She has shown me pics and Hops is quite the run-of-the-mill medium mixed-breed rabbit. I haven't seen the rabbit in...