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  1. SoftPawsRabbitry

    What the heck is up with this bucks genitals??

    He was just fine awhile ago, no blood in the pen or anything at all, litterbox stays relatively clean, no changes in routine. He does have sore hocks so if infection could've spread then maybe that, but I've never seen this in a rabbit??
  2. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Question about my kindling doe

    Yesterday morning around 10, I noticed she started breathing very rapidly. By 2 pm she was building her nest. She's been laying on her stomach with her legs kicked out and she was drooling mildly. No discharge and she isn't acting too different though, eyes aren't glazed over. Thought she'd have...
  3. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Animal Wanted Looking for a Jr Flemish doe/Taking in rescues

    Any color, I lost my Flemish stock awhile ago and am ready to start again, currently located in the Bloomington/normal IL area, can trade for a pedigree champagne D'argent Buck, or when I have a pedigree thrianta litter or champagne litter I can trade. I'm a 18 y/o autistic looking to train...
  4. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Pregnant or bloated?

    The doe had been growling at bucks (I have somewhat of a colony setup) but has been mounting them, she doesn't want to be bred but she acts like she does. She is eating fine, but a bit bony, I can definitely see her gut moving so she's not backed up, but right behind her ribcage on the left side...
  5. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Animal For Sale (IN)Champagne D'argent buck (pedigree) and pet lionhead

    Got the lionhead from a cousin, "Dip" or "Dippy" who just didn't take care of the poor guy, wasn't really handled and would scream whenever I picked him up, I've had him a few months and while he is still shy, h has really come out of his shell! Very sweet bunny, but I need to remodel my...
  6. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Any other breeders in the Michiana area?

    I have been slowly picking and choosing rabbit breeds, the ones that I really enjoy seem to be hardest to get! I breed -Champange D'argents -Thriantas -Flemish Giants (unfortunately they passed from a illness in my rabbitry :c ) -a breed I am developing -tans Just trying to see if there's...
  7. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Flemish for and cottontail buck hybrid kits

    My sister adopt d a rabbit who's mother was Flemish and father was supposedly a silver fox, she told us her rabbit got out and she turned up pregnant later. The doe we got grew to be 7 lbs full height, has a slim body, thin legs, the Flemish ears and overall body but the cottontail head, limbs...
  8. SoftPawsRabbitry

    GI stasis-like disease in rare rabbits

    I am 90% sure the mice are causing this, but I lost a little champagne doe to what I believed was normal GI stasis, thought not too much of it, she was orphaned at 5 weeks refused the KMR and my Flemish rejected her (surprisingly for that doe) and so I continued on with life, I was confused with...
  9. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Fatal virus or parasite?

    I had a 1 month old kit become very skinny and bloat, she couldnt poop but kept eating and all, was very alert, but she was grinding her teeth constantly, she never acted sick until the end, and I found her passed away the next morning, I had tried all GI stasis remedies and we measured out a...
  10. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Lots of young bunnies need to go!

    I hav aBUNCH of 2-6 month old bunnies for sale, they almost all loved to be picked up and all of them are 100% friendly! They're almost all bonded and colony raised (until they're a breeding age and I separate them), I pre- bred 3 or 4 rabbits when people asked, then NO ONE answered back when...
  11. SoftPawsRabbitry

    Does anyone else have a rabbit with central heterochromia? (Eye color)

    My brown eyed lop and brown eyed flemish had a doe that seems to have central heterochromia, havent ever seen this nor have other breeders I've asked, cant find anything online about it, just super curious since I've had sectoral heterochromia but havent seen a bunnies eyes do this before!