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    Line breeding?

    Ok, that's good to know! Yeah I bread a son back to his mother, and one thing I notice were a higher percentage of infant FTT/deaths. But I've also only bred them together once and the doe usually has a couple casualties in her litter. So I'd probably have to try again and see if that's a trend...
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    Meat Rabbit Breeds

    Hi everyone So I have been breeding meat rabbits for a while now, I have a california doe, a new zealand buck, a harlequin doe, and a mix-breed (new zealand/harlequin) buck. I'm going to add another doe soon, but I was curious as to what breeds everyone else does for their meat rabbits I'm...
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    Line breeding?

    Hello everyone! Recently I bred one of my bucks (Starpaw) to his mother (Poppy) to get some harlequin/patterned babies. Poppy had a litter of 7 with 4 surviving kits. They're all really beautifully patterned, and I have one female that has a really nice easy temperament, and was thinking about...
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    Animal For Sale Rabbits

    Where are you located?
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    Cage on the ground???

    I use cinderblocks to raise my cages off the ground, and that works just fine. I wouldn't stack them on top of each other since you don't want the rabbits on top peeing/pooping on the rabbits below, haha. As an additional note: you can separate kits from mama at 6 weeks old. They don't benefit...
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    Baby bunny fell from 2 story cage

    Baby rabbits have soft, flexible bones that tend to absorb impact. I once accidentally dropped a newborn from 4 feet onto a concrete floor and it was fine. Their skin is delicate, so they might have scratching, bruising or bloody noses, but a fall from 2 feet should be fine.
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    Orphaned kits at 4 weeks old

    Like everyone else is saying: at 4 weeks they should be ok. I usually don't wean kits until 6 weeks old, but in a situation like this it should be fine. You might want to wipe their butts (this is mostly all the mother does for kits this age anyway) and make sure they have plenty of water, and...
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    Harlequin color genes?

    Thanks everyone! Update on this, I bread the black kit (starpaw) to his magpie harlequin mother (Poppy) and they did end up having a couple of passable harlequin babies, a couple just randomly patterned babies, and a few black. A couple of the babies actually have yellow instead of white fur...
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    How soon to re breed

    Glad to help! Try again in the fall oe when the weather starts to cool :)
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    How soon to re breed

    Try at different times of day. Also i’m not sure if you are in the northern hemisphere, but rabbits also don’t really like to breed in the summer (even if they are inside) you can also cover your doe’s head with a blanket or towel to calm her down so he can mount her. I have a doe I have to do...
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    Confused About No Kits

    I know that bucks can become temporarily infertile at temps over 75-80 degrees, and it can take a week or so for them to get back to normal. Were your bunnies ever that hot?
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    3 weeks old.. and what to do?

    You can seperate new zealand kits at 6 weeks at the earliest! I usually do that to keep my breeding schedule pretty quickly moving along. I have never had issues with seperating kits at that age.
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    What sex are these 1 day olds?

    Unfortunately you can’t sex babies until they are at least three weeks old. Once they are, you can press down just above their anus and their genitals should “pop” out. If there is a hole at the end of the protrusion, it is a male. If there is a slit/line at the end of the protrusion, it is a...
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    Confused! What happened to my bunnies kits

    The bite marks might have been an attempt by the mama to revive the kit, or just moving it. Rabbits will move or bury dead kits so they dont attract predators. If it’s one of her first litters she might just not know what to do yet. Keep trying with her and see if she improves, she might just...
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    My Holland lop doe had only 1 kit and it was dead!

    its very common for rabbits to lose their first ever litters, so don’t feel bad. Keep breeding her again and she should get used to it. I have a doe who had a rough first couple litters but she does well now. Keep trying! If she keeps having all stillborns, phase her out of breeding. Sometimes...
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    How soon to re breed

    Rabbits Can get pregnant right after they give birth. However since she lost all of her kids, I would give her a couple of weeks, and maybe take her to the vet to make sure she’s OK
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    Thinking of starting to breed and show- where to start?

    Check craigslist or fb marketplace for both supplies and rabbits themselves. A lot of people rehome and sell rabbits on both craigslist and fb, that’s how I got started. I also bought hutches and cages like that. People are always phasing out of having rabbits, so there’s usually cheap things...
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    3 week old bunnies in need of advice ASAP

    You can buy kitten milk replacer if you think they still need to nurse! The brand i get is just from petsmart and its called Petlac. They have a version for small mammals, but the kitten milk replacer will do in a pinch. I use it for my doe that tends to have a lot of kits to supplimentally feed...
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    Doe eating kits?

    How big are your cages? Sometimes they can eat kits if they feel too cramped. Also im not sure whay breed you have, but sometimes smaller rabbit breeds can be more likely to eat kits. There are also just some does that are more likely to eat their kits. The other thing i would do is check your...
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    Day 34. No kits. Please see video

    My one doe has a gestation period of 35 days. A lot of things online say a gestation period is 30-32 days, but just like humans, that can be longer or shorter depending on the rabbit. I’ve heard sometimes it takes 40 days. Worst case scenario you can take your doe to the vet and have them...