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  1. ozemba

    FA litter colors

    2 day olds, just trying to get ideas. Out of sable chinchilla buck and blue doe. He carries chocolate and she could carry chocolate. Dunno if he carries dilute. I'm mostly curious about the one in the middle that has an orangish tinge at the moment. Anybody know what it could be? Six Guns...
  2. ozemba

    New Holland Popples

    Hello, it's me again! I had 4 does bred, 3 pregnant, 2 surviving litters, 7 babies total. One doe took but is small and as a Holland has issues with fat headed babies, all 4 of hers were born doa and stretched unfortunately. This was her second pregnancy with a much smaller buck this time in...
  3. ozemba

    Color questions and breeding outcomes

    Two new French Angoras, a breeding pair, the buck is broken sable chin (AaBbcchlcD_Ee) through test breeding and the doe blue (aaB_C_ddE_) 10 months old, unproven. The blue doe is out of a blue (aaBbCcddEe) and ST blue steel? (AaBb_cchdddEse) Questions 1. What would I need to breed her to to...
  4. ozemba

    Two new French Angora

    Hello, my highly anticipated French Angora pair are finally here from Six Gun! They were on transport for much longer than originally supposed to be and have lost condition I'm guessing from traveling stress. The doe is extremely skinny while the buck is underweight, both are eating hay and...
  5. ozemba

    Rabbit transports in the US

    Hey all, needing recommendations for rabbit transport. Six Gun had to suspend their six gun rabbit transport due to health concerns, but in the meantime I've got two French Angoras there that I need here!
  6. ozemba

    Tattoo pen recommendations

    I'm finally going to invest in a tattoo pen for the rabbits and was interested in suggestions and recommendations from anybody who has used them. I'm down to a choice between the kbtatt pen and the EZ tattoo pen unless someone has another suggestion in the under $100 range that comes as a kit.
  7. ozemba

    Litter expectations... Color genetics

    I have kept back a black/orange harlequin doe out of a blue tort doe and tricolor buck. So she carries the dilute, because of her mom. So aa_B_C_Dd_eej? If I breed her to a blue tort, aa_B_C_dd_ee.... Could she throw blue/fawn harlequin along with the black/orange? As well as the possibility...
  8. ozemba

    We've got popples!

    I have two new litters, one is Tort x Black/Orange Tricolor and the other litter is Blue VM x Blue Tort. I also have an almost 5 week old litter of Blue Tort VM x Blue Tort. I'll be posting pics of everyone here. Here's the popples: I think I've got a tort, three harlequins, and a tricolor on...
  9. ozemba

    How old for Holland Lops for their first breeding

    I'm trying to decide if I should breed a young doe I kept back before we do our baby break for summer. She was born mid-November, she'll be 20 weeks old when I'm planning on breeding my older does for the last time this spring. I know that Hollands mature around 4-5 months typically. I would...
  10. ozemba

    Help - kit with head tilt

    I have a two week old kit with severe head tilt and balance issues. Since they are still in the box it can get away with nestling up next to the wall of the box. None of the other litter mates are acting ill so I'm wondering if it's an injury? Maybe falling out of the box? What can I do to help...
  11. ozemba

    Wanting to share the new popple love

    I thought I'd share some pictures of the two week olds I've got. One litter had eyes open day 12 the other litter is still working on eyeballs at 14 days. These are the babies that were pink out of my blue x blue tort litter: You can see just a hint of blue on their ears and bellies. And...
  12. ozemba

    Colors question Hollands

    Ok. I've got a VM blue doe bred to a blue tort buck, I was expecting a bunch of blue and maybe blue tort babies. I got two pink babies and three gray babies, and I'm impatient and wondering what the two pink ones might be. With so much bew in her pedigree I've got no idea what she carries...
  13. ozemba

    Kit with major scratch on rump from mom

    I have some day old kits, I was checking them over this morning and mom got agitated, jumping in and out of the box. When I got the box out to check the kits, one has a decent sized scratch that seems pretty deep, the skin is gaping instead of clotted shut. What can I do to help this kit, and...
  14. ozemba

    My fodder setup

    Thought I'd share my set up here. It's working out so far, I haven't had any problems with mold and I'm keeping the mats pretty thin . Alternating between wheat fodder and barley fodder and throwing in some boss. I'm still testing out soaking times. I've done anywhere from 6 to 24 hour soaks...
  15. ozemba

    French Angora

    I've been thinking about angoras lately, and this french angora showed up on craigslist tonight... I just was wondering how well they do as fiber rabbits vs. meat rabbits, I know they can be used as a dual purpose rabbit. They would have more upkeep and I'm sure a slower growth rate than a...
  16. ozemba

    Helping a fat dog lose weight

    We have an obese golden retriever that we've already tried several things with to make her lose weight. We've lowered overall food intake, mixed in low calorie veggies with her dog food so she's not feeling hungry, switched foods who knows how many times over the last two years. Her goal weight...
  17. ozemba

    Popples - Colors- Now with PICTURES

    Kindled this morning I'm keeping an open mind about what colors I'll be getting. My Holland lop doe has 7 kits. I'm hoping my other two does will kindle tonight or in the morning so I can transplant some. I know I've got two charlies, and I think two heavy harlequin marked tris, but I'm not...
  18. ozemba

    Just a question about fawn

    I have an adult doe who I have down as fawn vm. And as she's getting her winter coat in I guess she's got a gradient that almost makes her look like a tort I was just wondering if this is a normal thing or if she isn't fawn. Her parents were black vm and bew. 2 granddams were bew, one bew...
  19. ozemba

    Lilac/fawn harli MR

    Hey all, I've got a lilac/fawn (according to breeder) harlequin mini rex buck. If I want lilac/fawn tri kits from him, I need a broken ...chocolate? I've never seen a broken lilac anywhere near me... That would give me choc/orange harli, lilac/fawn harli, choc/orange tri, lilac/fawn tri? If he...
  20. ozemba

    Wild (cottontail?) kit

    I got a text last night about 6pm. "Would you like a tiny baby bunny?" I immediately responded with "Where, when and how" They were at their parents house, out in the country, and their dogs were way too interested in something, and they found it. I'm the only person they know with baby bunny...