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    Doe started attacking the only kit at 3.5 weeks

    The doe in question is rather aggressive and will be going to a pet home. She had two stillborn kits and one living. She had been doing pretty well with the single kit, checking on him often. I think it was around 2 weeks that he started coming out of the nesting box. He loves attention and will...
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    Chunky single kit

    I have a 3-week old kit that seems a bit off. The doe was a new mom and had a difficult pregnancy and birth. She's a smaller-sized lionhead, but the buck is even smaller than her. She had two stillborn and one living kit. He looked like a blueberry the first week. Or perhaps an engorged...
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    Doe had 3 kits 2 DOA. What now?

    I'm new to breeding lionhead rabbits. my 8mth old doe bred with a buck quite a bit smaller than her. Two kits came out DOA, looking stretched out and long. I found a third under some bedding and created a nest for it. Its much smaller than the other two where. But is active. She seems...