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  1. minibackyardfarmer

    Electrolytes treats and water question.

    So hopefully in the right area to ask this lol. We naturally feed and only pellets they get is a mix we started doing of beet pellets, alfalfa pellets, calf manor pellets,and sometimes depending on budget orchard grass pellets (since non are keen on Timothy hay pellets nor the alfalfa mixed...
  2. minibackyardfarmer

    Meat rabbit kits loses stumped.. Any suggestions/help apprec

    Okay so a quick background Breeders 3 does - satin/Flemish (one will be culled not a good mom)(theses are a standard flem cross not the bigger type. Think around a size of a yokish) 2 does - lop/satin (right no arent being used and maybe culled one goes too early given 2 chances and the other...
  3. minibackyardfarmer

    Strongly Considering Colony Setup but have questions

    This maybe a long post but I want to give a bit of background info so maybe that will help with getting our questions answered easier or hopefully help you all give us tips etc. lol So we are naturally (or how we have interpreted it lol) feeding our rabbits. They are feed grasses and friendly...
  4. minibackyardfarmer

    New Mom but kits have slowly died on us

    This was our first set of kits and 1st time mom. All seemed well. She didn't have them in the nesting box but on the cage, we were home and put them in the nesting box (non were cold as we waited for her to clean etc.). As of tues they would have been 2wks old. The first few days of life...
  5. minibackyardfarmer

    Homemade mixed feed

    So we finally found a female rabbit that was to our likings (it is hard in the area as most are kept for breeding) to breed with our two males to build up the quality of meat rabbits and fur that we want. With our first buck he wanted nothing to do with pellets (the deer loved him for it lol)...