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    3 week old bunnies in need of advice ASAP

    Hey so I have this New Zealand Doe that had a litter May 6th. They are about 3 weeks old now, but I found the does remains outside this morning (she escaped, and was almost 2 weeks pregnant). I would have fostered her kits to my 2 other does (both harlequins) but it looks like they’re too old...
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    Not a which color but more of which should I save?

    Ok so recently I got a REW New Zealand doe and had her bred with one of her previous owners buck. Of the colors I got from them were solid black and blue, and black and blue otters. Craigslist post has more information and pics of the mom and bunnies So I REALLY want to save one from this...
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    White pus coming out of eyes w/ nose blood now

    So I wasn't able to post for some reason but now I can. Anyways I have bunnies that JUST opened their eyes and one had one eye that wasn't opened. No signs of anything unusual or anything, but I made the normal chamomile tea with some honey and as it was opening, there was A LOT of pus coming...
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    Doe eating kits?

    So I have this doe that I raised, her mom is a great mother and was hoping she would be like that as well, but she might not it by the looks of it. Some background info first: First litter (so I’m hoping I can cross off this as just nerves) She had 9 with one looks suspiciously close to a...
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    Cross Breeding Project Advice

    Ok so I have purebred harlequins and they take SOOO long to grow. I saw that one post but the only problem is that they're Japanese harlequins and mine are magpie. Although magpie is only mentioned once I saw that...
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    Buck Won't Breed the Does?

    So for some reason, my buck won't mount my does. I have only have one buck and two does that that I breed him to. I have had some pretty good litters with nice markings from him and don't want to get rid of him, he is a little under a year so he's not old, he has bred some of my does in winter...