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  1. KimitsuKouseki

    Astrex looking for new home

    Hey everyone, I know not many people live close enough to me, but I figured I'd offer him here anyways. Theo, a black astrex lionhead male is for sale. Not many people have come forward for him on kijiji (kinda like craigslist). He produces astrex offsprings like crazy. He fathered 4 litters so...
  2. KimitsuKouseki

    Extremly puzzling color!

    Here I am asking for my english angora friend again. An unknown color poped up and we are both stumped. When she sends pictures to other people they all say it's a lilac tort, but I've seen it in person and we both think it's something else. Lilac tort should be a peach color with hints of grey...
  3. KimitsuKouseki

    Help me choose what's best (it's finished)

    I everyone, I've been working on some monster high doll clothes latelly and I've come across a block. I just can't decide wich side of the colar looks best. Everyone I ask so far prefers black at the front, but the more I look at it the more I rly like the fluff at the front. -Black front looks...
  4. KimitsuKouseki

    Jersey wooly genetic question

    My friend has been trying to look for information and, since she can't speak english, has been unsuccesful. I myself am not too comfy with the coding of rabbit genetics so it's been a bit hard for me to look for an answer. My friend plans to cross English Angoras with Jersey woolies. Looking at...
  5. KimitsuKouseki

    Bunny swatches

    Hi everyone, yesterday I got some new watercolor pencils and made some swatches. Felt like sharing the results.
  6. KimitsuKouseki

    New behavior, what do you think?

    So recently my pet doe started a new behavior. I have my own theories of what it means, but I wanted to get some opinions. When I pet her and scratch her back, she streches and lifts her tail as if she was waiting for a buck to do his thing. After that, when I stop petting her, she goes around...
  7. KimitsuKouseki

    Feeling defeated, bad luck litters

    So, I know this happens, it's all part of it, but this is the first time it's been so bad for me and I'm starting to feel defeated. Last month, I tried my breed my first pure blood english angora litter. A few hours after birth, I go check. There was fur in the nest, but the 3 kits, all dead...
  8. KimitsuKouseki

    Finished mittens, what would you sell em for?

    Hi guys You can read my sob story after the pics if you'd like but these are it: They are 100% Angora. The yarn is from Nikita, my spoiled indoor rabbit who's a half lionhead half english angora, and Barbie, a pure english angora whom I've sadly had to cull from my herd and this is the last of...
  9. KimitsuKouseki

    Mittens and a question about felting

    K first, what do you guys know about felting? I've been wondering if felting some of my angora fluff would be any good compared to spinning it. Is it as warm? will it hold up? how does it feel on the skin vs knits or crochets? Just wondering cause it might be fun to try it to make fabric of a...
  10. KimitsuKouseki

    Weird color, what do you think?

    I'm curently making the add to sell my current babies, but I am stumped on this girl. Such an odd color. I used to think she was just a blue otter, but she has such a strong tick to her fur yet I'm sure she's not agouti. Almost looks like a blue steel otter or something? Father is a chocolate...
  11. KimitsuKouseki

    Mouse? What breed? (closed)

    Hi guys, found this poor little thing frozen in our empty recycling container on my porch this morning. Poor thing mustve though there was food in it and since it was emptied the day before she had nothing to grab onto and got stuck in there and then froze to death. Just curious what breed it is...
  12. KimitsuKouseki

    New pet? I'd like some ideas

    Hi guys, yes I know I keep disapearing all the time. I quit my job and now I work from home so hopefully I can have more time. My website is in desperate need of an update too, lots of changes basically. The pet market has crumbled over here so I hardly ever sell bunnies anymore. So insted all...
  13. KimitsuKouseki

    *Urgent!* Collecting sperm from dying buck?

    Hi guys, I know I've been a ghost for a while but I'm in need of advice ASP My best buck, Pipo, is curently dying I beleive. I do not plan on taking him to the vet, he is 4years+ from what the previous owner told me, but it's brain damage of some sort, head tilt, cant stand up straight, spins...
  14. KimitsuKouseki

    Splay legs, need advices

    ALright I need you guy's opinions on this matter. 2 weeks ago I had Nikita give birth to Trésor's babies and this included a gorgeous BEW double mane baby wich I intended to keep. The father has already gone to freezer camp since I have another baby from a different doe I also intend to keep so...
  15. KimitsuKouseki

    Chinchilla, am I wrong?

    Hey everyone, been a while since I showed signs of life I know. Just been working too much for my health and honestly its starting to show, sigh.... Hopefully once I've been working there long enough I can negotiate working part time. Anyways... So I have this buck.... was sold to me as a...
  16. KimitsuKouseki

    **WARNING GRAPHIC** worst wound on my own rabbits yet

    So, many of you probably noticed over time how I tend to deal with many wounded or infected rabbits. That would be my friend's rabbits, not my own. She does continental giants and holland lops and I dont know what it is about her rabbits but they always have wounds, broken bones and absesses. So...
  17. KimitsuKouseki

    The strangest color

    Since birth I felt this guy had a weird color. He had a yellow hue to his fur but it wasnt the most obvious thing so I wanted to wait see how it'd progress. a bit older, he's definetly yellow but still not clear what's happening And here we are 2 months later and Im still confused. Been using...
  18. KimitsuKouseki

    Victory! (edit: not so sure anymore)

    So screw my dad who didnt want me to work in montreal, I applied anyways since hes off on vacation... and I am sooooo happy I did! and so proud! I passed their test and was hired as a seamstress for Kanuk! the winter coats brand! :cheer2: :cheer1:
  19. KimitsuKouseki

    Winter bowls

    So last winter I had heated water bottles, they worked great exept they were rly expensive to buy and in less then a year the nipple leaks on all of them. Since then, I've expanded and even if I bought new nipples for the bottles, I'd still need to buy 6 more to cover the remaining cages. That's...
  20. KimitsuKouseki

    Missed the best shot ever

    ohmygosh, I wish I'd caugh that on tape. There are Pichou and Thumbles (2 of my cats) fighting each other like mad and then the 3 weeks old blue baby bunny just binkies his way between the 2 fighting cats breaking them up XD Then Pichou gives him a thumb on the head and leaves :laugh2: That was...