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    Hutch division/sharing questions

    A 30X36" grow out pen isn't very big.
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    winter water

    We use heated water bowls
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    The Line Between Show Rabbits and Pet Rabbits

    Good discussion. We breed for meat. And I try to keep our livestock as comfortable as I can. I had a buddy who was a dairy farmer tell me how a happy cow produces more milk, kind of thing. When I make the pens I consider the kits with the doe. They can drive her crazy it seems, so a...
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    Temps and wind speed

    I would do it now.
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    Another batch of friers processed

    We just got through putting up the last of our 4th litter of kits. So far we have harvested 93 friers. We will have 33 more friers and 2 older rabbits to do. This last batch was probably our best so we're getting better at growing them out. As far as age / weight is concerned. We averaged...
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    Fear vs. Practice how to balance info?

    I have never heard of parasites from hay.
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    Hello from Alberta!

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    Should I intervene for this kit?

    Yeah the point about feeding it to your dog could be an issue. We only feed our dog dog food. I guess i assumed that they already decided to feed the baby to the dog. Our neighbor feeds meat to their German Shepards, I would gladly give them the scraps after if processing our friers. Or to a...
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    Catching Rabbit Poop

    When I had our rabbits in the greenhouse last winter I used corrugated plastic from an old advertisement sign. I made it so it was lower in the middle but it sagged a bit anyhows. That the urine would run to.I then cut a hole in the crease at the bottom n put a coffee can under it so I could...
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    Question about Alfalfa hay

    I think you're doing great ! I feel proud for you. We also homeschooled our kids and now teaching our grandkids
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    Question about Alfalfa hay

    The research I've done suggests to not use alfalfa. I haven't tried it though as it's 60 bucks a bale also. Has to be imported. Using the timothy our kits have grown well. I've not lost a single kit except for birthing issues. And no intestinal issues. Again just what I do but it's been...
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    How much shelter do bucks need?

    I kinda think comfort with the thought that they would produce better the more comfortable they are. Rabbits don't deal with stress very well. Probably keeping them dry n out of the wind in your climate. And I use a clay floor tile in the summer to lay on n cool off
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    HELP!!! Feeding/Hay/Manure

    We use a mulcher used for brush. They were on sale at HD for 550 bucks last week. 5 hp. Process is mulching the manure pile. Grinds chops everything to look like topsoil. I also feel that the hay keeps the compost from packing as much keeping the soil more aerated. Fluffs it up a bit
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    Restarting our rabbitry

    I hope to have 20 less by the end of the day. We will keep 5 over the winter.
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    Housing females/male close

    We have had our buck next to does. He does not spray. Not sure if I would keep a buck that sprayed. No I wouldn't.
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    To buy or not to buy

    Hello. I don't know if you bought this doe yet, but good info anyways I think. My thoughts. If she is only 8 months I would buy it if she has the other breed carictuistics you want. Hopefully you're buck can handle her. We had a NZ doe that would literally grab the pen door n shake it if...
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    Clump of hair

    Boy bunnies n girl bunnies make lots of little bunnies. And are sexual capable of doing this at 6 months. I'd be surprised if you don't have kits.