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  1. eco2pia

    Kit bragging pics

    It has been a while since I have had rabbits and I just got my first litter. Clover had six kits, and I just wanted to cheer about it. :) Show me yours. I missed the babies!!
  2. eco2pia

    Selling fur--current prospects?

    Hi! I have a question about how/where any of you manage to sell fur or fur products. I am in the heart of a fur UNFRIENDLY city, where I might legitimatly be attacked just for wearing fur, but thanks to widespread shipping and the internet, I do not imagine I am limited to my local market...
  3. eco2pia

    New Old Member

    Hi everyone! It has been a minute. I used to breed NZ Red and broken reds so long ago. Hard to believe it has been over a decade since I had rabbits. I got divorced, sold the house and the rabbits, and went back to school, among other things. I figured I better reintroduce myself. Fast forward...
  4. eco2pia

    small scale hay storage ideas?

    so I need to be able to store a bale or two of hay at a time, and my current garden shed is too crowded. What I need is a nice rain proof way to store it right next to my hutches...I wanted one of those rubbermaid "sheds", they would be the right size, but there has to be a cheaper way than...
  5. eco2pia

    Just tattooed 13!

    Ok I had a human tattoo gun, a 5 needle liner and black outline ink. We used a pen to mark veins to avoid, and liquid Oragel to numb the ear before hand--heads up, it takes a minute of two for that stuff to work, and a good amount, so goop it up. There were two of us, one to hold the rabbit...
  6. eco2pia

    when it rains it popples!!

    Some may remember how frusrated I was getting about 6 months ago, I had a wonderful NZR doe, and at first she wouldn't settle, then she had a half-mutt litter, and then on her second (purebred) litter she up and died. :cry: I was having an awful time finding replacement stock, I was beginning...
  7. eco2pia

    western red cedar?

    So my rabbitry is under a cedar tree...I have never tried feeding the branch tips to the rabbits, just because it didn't seem appetizing to me. I, of course, am not a rabbit. A neighbor kid was by and picked up a twig of fresh cedar and offered it to coax a bunny to the front of the cage and as...
  8. eco2pia

    when do REW eyes turn red?

    So I have some 2.5 week old babies, 4 of which are white. Their eyes are open, but they look black, like everyone else's. I assume it is because they are young, though the genetic possibility exists for frosties or charlies as well. When would I start to see the REW ruby eyes? Right away, or...
  9. eco2pia

    I love colorful nestboxes...

    I just had my 1st time mutt/NZ doe give me 13 kits, one runt, ALL different colors--brokens and solids, red, REW, black, agouti, and maybe even blue? That would be a surprise, but I was mostly just counting (and counting and counting!) so I could be wrong about the blue. Now if I get something...
  10. eco2pia

    It's HERE!!

    Just got my certificate of rabbitry registration from ARBA. I own Simply Leap Rabbitry!!! :clap:
  11. eco2pia

    Limited gene pool breeding plan.

    Ok, here is the problem--I am having a bear of a time finding quality stock--forget quality, I am having a bear of a time finding ANY stock!! Short of shipping rabbits or driving half way across the country.... I am trying to develop a line of broken NZR. Here is what I have available...
  12. eco2pia

    Cleaning stinky spraying bucks

    So I have a sprayer. He is like a little billy goat. :roll: He isn't a show bunny, but he has white fur and he is our friendliest, most tolerant rabbit--the one I pull out when kids visit. Any brilliant ideas, short of a full bath, to help keep him cleaner, or give him a quick tidy-up? Do...
  13. eco2pia

    Digging pile in colony?

    So I don't have a colony, but another member's question about heat in a rabbit colony got me to thinking... If you built a colony with a wire floor that would prevent dig outs (if such a thing is truly possible) and then made a heap of packed earth in the middle that they could dig in, would...
  14. eco2pia

    Reluctant does.

    I think I am getting to be a bit of an expert on breeding older panicky first time does who refuse the buck....I know all the nutritional means to encourage breeding (greens, ACV, not too fat), but when the owner brings you a doe for stud service, and you have one day to give it your best shot...
  15. eco2pia

    new little NZR doe

    Just got a NZR from Rebecca's Rabbitry in WA state. I like her, she is a round little thing, though I wish she were a little darker, I am very happy with her shape. I was happy with the rabbitry too, it is a great place with really nice people, in case anyone was looking to buy from them...they...
  16. eco2pia

    curing hides with sulfuric acid

    Well, I have 5 hides in a mix of salt and battery acid as per these instructions: Years ago I heard of this method and was afraid of the battery acid, but I am more comfortable now that I know a little more. I have less concern about disposal of the spent...
  17. eco2pia

    Ellenmarie Lindblad

    Ellenmarie Lindblad, if this is someone's real name on here please send me a pm. I don't recognize the name but it sounds like someone from here...
  18. eco2pia

    Roast Rissoto-Stuffed Rabbit Wrapped in Bacon

    I am making this for dinner, made up of what I had on hand, I'll let you know how it turns out.<<it was yummy>> Wish me luck! I am not much of a recipe writer, so pardon the imprecise measurements. Roast Rissoto-Stuffed Rabbit Wrapped in Bacon Ingredients: about 1 tablespoon bacon grease or...
  19. eco2pia

    cross your fingers!

    I bred Winston to Cinnabun's mother a month ago, and I just got an e-mail that she is pulling fur!! Squee!!! So, so excited!
  20. eco2pia


    I don't know if this counts as "profit" but I lost a litter at birth a month or so ago and today my Highschool Biology students will be dissecting them--I just saved 9 frogs. I didn't do anything to preserve them, I didn't have the prescence of mind at the time, I just froze them. Because of...