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  1. ThunderHill

    So much internal fat!

    So we culled our first "three strikes and you're out" doe today, whose track record has been a litter of two stillborn kits, then a total miss, then a litter of only one stillborn kit. In both instances where she kindled the stillborn kits, she mostly just ate all the hay in the nest and pulled...
  2. ThunderHill

    Does wouldn't lift - seeking advice on next steps

    Hi! I tried breeding two does this week and neither would lift. I watched for 30 minutes or so without seeing a single fall-off and then left them together all day (so I don't know if there were any fall-offs the rest of the day). I know to mark the calendar anyway and treat as pregnant. My...
  3. ThunderHill

    Do you sterilize foraged greens?

    Hi! I'd like to start providing fresh weeds and foraged greens to our rabbits, but we have a lot of wild rabbits and moles/voles on our property and I worry about any diseases, parasites, etc. that might be on these greens from the wild rabbits and rodents. Does anyone have advice on if this is...
  4. ThunderHill

    Soy in meat after feeding pellet containing soy?

    Hi! One of the reasons we raise meat rabbits is to ensure our meat doesn't contain traces of soy, however the only soy-free pellet we can find is from New Country Organics, and is around $40 per 50 lb. bag. We feed Manna PRO to everyone else (less than half that price), and the NCO to our meat...
  5. ThunderHill

    Hello from Kentucky!

    Hello everyone! We're about a year in to raising NZ rabbits for meat. I've gotten so much info along the way from this forum and finally decided to join! We started with a trio last August (black buck, Batman, and two broken black does who are littermates, Oreo and Lola), and have just started...
  6. ThunderHill

    Would you restrict feeding?

    Hi! I have a one-week old litter of 4 NZ kits, and 2 of them are much bigger than the others. The two chunks are .5 pound already at 1 week, and the other two are .26 (the white runt) and .38 (the black, who is actually a foster). Everyone seems to be getting fed well. At least for now their...
  7. ThunderHill

    Strange, spongy textured kidneys question

    Hello. We raise meat rabbits, and recently processed a rabbit with really weird kidneys (photo below, next to normal kidneys of two others processed that day). The rabbit was eating and drinking fine, acting normal without any symptoms of illness, and the other organs looked fine. Unfortunately...
  8. ThunderHill

    Black NZ with mottled eyes question

    Hi! Our black NZ buck has gray/brown mottled eyes. I've read on here that the chinchilla gene can cause that, but can the c (albino) gene also cause it? He has a white great grandmother on his pedigree (all others are black or broken black) and just sired a single white kit a few days ago (the...