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  1. Zass

    Troubleshooting dying kits

    The only other possibility I can think of here would be bacteria, or perhaps mold toxins but only IF they are nibbling moldy hay in the nestbox.
  2. Zass

    Dead kit stuck, can use some good luck...

    I'm glad your Red is doing well <3
  3. Zass

    Musings on the harlequin gene

    It's been a while since I really posted, but I haven't forgotten everyone. I had to take a little break from raising rabbits for a while. I'm currently enjoying my new little one acre homestead, with it's SUPER COOL large cinder block bunny barn. 8-) 8-) 8-) (Actually, it's an old hvac...
  4. Zass

    Hello from Oregon

  5. Zass

    Please Assist - Breed ID

    She's definitely a mixed breed. The color is magpie, with possibly some kind of white marking gene showing on her face. Tbh, there may be no harlequin breed in her. She's bit larger than an average new zealand, which I've seen throw a lot of harli and magpie colored kits, but so can rex...
  6. Zass

    Starting Meat Guinea Pigs: Feeding, housing and questions

    My own thoughts on cuy, is that I found the meat to be much less versatile than rabbit meat. I only bred them one summer, and then kept the rest as pets for the extent of their lifespans. No particular reason, just didn't want to put the effort into raising such small morsels. When I started...
  7. Zass

    Hi I’m new to breeding rabbits and I have a few questions

    ^ all that and mero, there is one uterus, but it is two horned. It's normal for every pregnancy to be spread out between both horns. (Think of it as having kits lined up on either side of her abdomen.) While rabbits CAN have double pregnancies, it's only as likely as it is for a person to...
  8. Zass

    Easter Bunnies!

    :mbounce: Awwww, this is so cute!!!
  9. Zass

    New User, Too Many Kits, Please Help!

    If they were mine, would y move a doe into a new enclosure. Once she's settled down, you can give her a fresh nestbox with half the kits. Best to move her right away. Don't worry, rabbits can't count, BUT they can harm kits out of fear or stress. You can keep the babies away from her for...
  10. Zass

    A Black is not a black?!

    Steel seems to be very common in new zealands, californians, and many other breeds. The red is the only one mentioned who absolutely could not have steel, but could still throw it if paired with a rabbit that has steel genes. It's a tricky gene that can make rabbits look from "all the way...
  11. Zass

    Getting Off Pellets: Some Questions

    More variety is always better, but instead of focusing on a variety of different grains, I strongly recommend researching forage plants that you may already have on your property. You would be surprised how many unwanted invasive weeds can be fed to the bunnies, and the bulk of your garden...
  12. Zass

    Color-fast paintable dyes for rabbit furs?

    Rit dyes can be painted or airbrushed on, and rinsed out. I haven't played with it too much, however, I've seen some experiments done by others.
  13. Zass

    Rabbitry Name

    I'm thinking of a new name myself, something that will last a long time and can use for more than just rabbits.
  14. Zass

    Cross Breeding Project Advice

    You can cross whatever to whatever to make meat mutts. Hybrid vigor can surprise you. If you want the mutts to be harli colored, breed a japanese to a new zealand red, though plenty of whites also carry the non extension required to throw it. I wouldn't try out crossing to "improve" the...
  15. Zass

    Meat Rabbit Housing

    In my location (eastern US,) for rabbit comfort and health, nothing has beat clean, large sized wire cages hung in a climate controlled building with resting tiles or mats. I've tried it all. :D The hanging cages literally my last choice, because I didn't want my rabbits living in what...
  16. Zass

    Hutch build idea

    I feel that using hardware cloth as floor wire for rabbits "without issue" is really a matter of how long it's been in use. The stuff definitely wears out quickly, doesn't let mess through as easily, and the thin wire is harder on a rabbit's feet and harder to support from below. Yes, it's...
  17. Zass

    Red? Fawn? Cream? How do I tell the difference?

    They are all different names for variations of non extension (ee.) What is the breed? Cream is usually a dilute(blue) fawn. Red has a lot of rufus, and may require the recessive at wideband; essentially red bellies.
  18. Zass

    Help with a breed

    Look like americans to me, the brown marking is dead hair, from sun or pee. It'll disappear after a moult.
  19. Zass

    Phenotypic Chin out of generations of selfs?

    That looks like a steel to me. I'd guess one of the solids on the pedigree was a sneaky steel.
  20. Zass

    What genes (i.e. ASIP MC1R KIT) are modified by each loci?

    It's interesting. Do you have any sources?