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    Rainy Season + High Winds

    my rabbits don't live in traditional cages or colony - they have hutches they share with buddies and are rotated through pens for grass and play :) my tarp acts like a sail too - I'm curious to see what the first real winter test brings us (they had been moved indoors to xpens in the basement...
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    We Call A "Puppy Mill" By Any Other Name

    or find a perfectly easy well trained animal it's a good place to look too ...
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    We Call A "Puppy Mill" By Any Other Name

    Allergies and moving are the two most common reasons given ... you and marilla were lucky to find each other .... plenty of examples like yours in my house too ;)
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    We Call A "Puppy Mill" By Any Other Name

    There is nothing wrong with breeding for profit - but profit over the animal's health and well being is not something I, personally, want to support. Supporting puppy mills is not acceptable to me. I am entitled to my views on this. Shelter pets can be a problem - but plenty of expensive...
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    EMERGENCY, what to feed newborns? ... by_Rabbits not something I'd be brave enough to tackle i fear best of luck
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    We Call A "Puppy Mill" By Any Other Name

    i don't think animal welfare groups are responsible in any way shape or form for breeders who are only driven by profit - nor do I think that they are a reason for responsible breeders not getting rich quickly the responsible breeders I know (and I am only thinking dogs here) breed on a...
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    Dog items. Cheap, Ships from VA.

    funny to see a clicker and a shock collar on the same page :) good luck with you selling them!
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    Exhausted I am.....

    good job! holidays are so motivating!
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    We Call A "Puppy Mill" By Any Other Name

    puppy mills exist and the conditions in many are foul I'm often amazed that mothers in such poor health will reproduce and lactate that genetic hard wiring is pretty intense ...i suppose the brokers do the dams a service by buying the puppies young so the mom can regain her condition - can't...
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    Jersey Woolies...can their fiber be used/spun?

    a couple of the jerseys have wool longer than a couple of the angoras one of the things i am looking forward to on my year off is finally really learning to spin :)
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    Catching you up on my crazy life ;)

    bored is not something I've experienced ;)
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    Catching you up on my crazy life ;)

    I'm so excited to see them again - and you guys!! yup Mama sheep all good stuff - just a bit occupying at the moment ;) if anybody wants to see more about the film LIKE Sally if you are on Facebook - lots of pictures etc there :)
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    Catching you up on my crazy life ;)

    Life is always busy for me through June but this June I ended up with 2 bits of news that pretty much ate July too ... My husband was accepted to a program he wasn't sure he was getting into so he's going back to school in the fall - given the location of the school we are moving to our...
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    hang in there - hopefully this will pass quickly :)
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    Wool block

    Papaya has been a life saver with my wooly bunnies on occasion ... glad you caught it
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    Happy Birthday MaggieJ!!!

    awwww rats sorry i missed it ... hope it was great! __________ Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:30 pm __________ awwww rats sorry i missed it ... hope it was great!<br /><br />__________ Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:31 pm __________<br /><br />
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    Where the escapees now live...=D

    cute pictures ... everybody and everybunny looks happy :) I'm very jealous of your green grass ... my nearly 7 week old foster puppy has yet to experience rain!
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    Angoras and dandruff

    Puff Daddy had terrible dandruff when he came in It has cleared up but I'd be hard pressed to explain why or how :)
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    Proposed Changes to Animal Welfare Act/APHIS/USDA

    Coming in very late. I suspect the law is as HR Ranchito says, about the mill businesses. There is a certain expectation in dog land particularly that a good breeder wants you to meet the family, see the set up etc. suspicion is raised if that's not welcome.
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    Tattoos.... Lesson Learned....for now...

    Great news!