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  1. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    6 week old tries to bite me.

    Update. I did stop picking him up as much and gave him more head petting when I did need to. I gave him a pine cone to chew and play with. He successfully bred his first doe. However. I switched him out because I am now doing only Tamuks. No more fretting over this heat. They tolerate 90° easily.
  2. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    New Member

    Welcime fellow Tamuk enthusiast. I just got back from South Texas last month with 2 Tamuks. So far they are not having problems with our high desert heat here in SoCal.
  3. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Building cage... advice, suggestions, or warnings please.

    I just finished changing my entire set up to Alaska Satin pole hanging cage system. Power washed the entire barn first. Then the cages. The white pee stains are impossible to remove. Even with the turbo nozzle. Now everything is a lot more cleanable.
  4. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Not new, but returning!

    I have those and love them.
  5. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Filthy %^&*^#$(* Scrub Jays

    Out of curiosity, how would you stop them if allowed?
  6. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    A foray into...goats?

    Also, as you know goat milk is the universal food for newborns, once word gets out, you may have a steady stream of people searching for fresh goat milk. I have saved a Clydesdale foal, a crea, pigs, puppies galore, kittens, and a baby camel.
  7. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    A foray into...goats?

    My 2 cents. Just like with rabbits, the kits may or may not be as great as their lineage. So I vote for an adult preferably in milk. If not perhaps bred. The thing is why not get what you want. We all are on God's timeline. We don't know his plans. Enjoy the dream goat. Worst case scenario, it's...
  8. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    A foray into...goats?

    I think dairy goats are the bomb diggity! I have 15 right now. However..... They are not pets. They have a job. Give me milk so I can make cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc. How much milk do you need a day? Are you ready to milk Every Day? For me the answer is yes. Everyone should have a couple...
  9. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    A foray into...goats?

    Teeny Tiny Teats are a concern unless you buy a milking machine.
  10. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    1st time deboning

    Uh oh. I didn't know that. Guess I'm lucky I didn't get sick.
  11. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    1st time deboning

    I took the bones and made a tasty broth. Stuffed the meat in 1qt jars, added a tidge of broth for seaoning, and pressure canned for 75 min. At 12lbs for my altitude. However, I have done it again since then. I no longer de bone to can. Its not necessary. And my knife skills are lacking. Along...
  12. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Buck filling feed bowl with pee

    He didn't do it today.
  13. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Buck filling feed bowl with pee

    We are actually parked in Texas for another week before heading to CA. So he is in temporary set up. When I get him home he will have a normal set up. Will see if he does it again tomorrow.
  14. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Buck filling feed bowl with pee

    My buck is new to me. He is young. And in a,new environment. The last two mornings when I go out to feed & clean he has his feed bowl filled with pee. He moved the bowl to different corners. So today I gave him a different bowl. This is a temporary set up. So no J feeder. Any Ideas on the...
  15. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Brand new

    You only see posts like that because people are seeking advice. In my newness of all this, (It will be 1 year on June 15th.) We have had 8 litters. Very few problems. None actually that weren't created by me.
  16. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    1st time deboning

    I just finished deboning my first rabbit. It was messy, and nothing like the videos I watched. But I didn't cut myself. The end product was 2lbs. 12 oz. Of meat and 1 lb. of bone. But I didn't weigh the head, pelt or feet so I can't calculate bone to meat ratio. Now to try the canning part.
  17. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Worth It?

    I'm married. My husband will dispatch wild rabbits and other varmits, but will not do the "Baby Bunnies". And at 8 weeks they do look pretty cute still.
  18. Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    Canned Rabbit

    Those are beautiful