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  1. Alaska Satin

    I think my doe went blind

    I agree with @tambayo; it's best to reserve ivermectin - in fact, most drugs - for treatment when you are reasonably sure it's appropriate and needed. Prophylactic use of medications is linked to the development of resistant organisms. IMO treating just your doe would be the way to proceed...
  2. Alaska Satin

    I think my doe went blind

    I've always used the paste, put in the rabbit's mouth. If you have pour-on, everything I've read suggests you can apply it to her skin. Maybe someone who's used it topically can respond.
  3. Alaska Satin

    I think my doe went blind

    It sounds like she may be suffering from an E. cuniculi infection. It's a protozoan or fungus (the people who study it aren't positive) that proliferates in the eye, brain, or other parts of the central nervous system. E. cuniculi symptoms often appear during or after stressors like travel or...
  4. Alaska Satin

    Gold/blue bunny kits, how to establish color

    A photo would be very helpful.
  5. Alaska Satin

    Day old chicks and broody hen?

    You could try to build a little enclosure around her nesting spot where it is, just big enough to enclose the nest and allow her to access the hole, so that she could still go in and out like she's used to for food/water. It wouldn't have to be very big, since she's just sitting there, but it...
  6. Alaska Satin

    Lathargic 3 month old

    @Sagebrush is right: keeping things moving is critical. In addition to trying a pellet mash (which, unfortunately, I have found most rabbits that are off their feed have no interest in), offer her anything that might tempt her to eat. Greens like dandelion flowers and leaves, chickweed, wild...
  7. Alaska Satin

    Options to bred to a chocolate

    Velveteen Lops are not yet recognized for show. The ARBA has certain requirements for recognition of a new breed that ensure that rabbits of the new breed are healthy (i.e. do not have breed-specific health problems), will breed true (i.e. can produce offspring that conform to the standard)...
  8. Alaska Satin

    White patches on foot pads

    As far as I know, it's entirely a show issue. Since TAMUKS are not show rabbits, I wouldn't give it a thought. Except... it would be interesting to keep track of it, to develop a greater understanding of the apparent correlation. ;)
  9. Alaska Satin

    Options to bred to a chocolate

    Since the V lop working standard recognizes all four base color selfs, any other self variety (black and its dilute, blue; or chocolate, and its dilute, lilac) would be a fine choice for your self chocolate buck. The self pattern is recessive so if you breed two selfs, all you'll get is more...
  10. Alaska Satin

    Harli/tri genetics

    As a rule, that pairing is fine. It's known as line-breeding. The main problem that might occur would be if both of the rabbits carried some unwanted recessive allele(s), and those doubled up in one or more of the kits; or if both rabbits had an undesirable trait - weak ankles, for example -...
  11. Alaska Satin

    Not new, but returning!

    No, narrow shoulders refers to a rabbit with shoulders that are narrow compared to its hindquarters; a good meat rabbit gradually widens slightly starting from the shoulder, through the midsection, to the hindquarter (in this case, looking at it from above). You can feel that by placing your...
  12. Alaska Satin

    Baby bunnies eating momma's poop

    I don't restrict water or pellets from the babies. They eat and drink when they're ready, and having little tastes of various foods will help their guts get primed to eat solid food when they really need to. Anything the mother is eating should be fine for them, in theory anyway. Do be...
  13. Alaska Satin

    How to find ARBA number??

    Your ARBA number will be on a card they sent you, and it's worth it to keep track of that card because if you want to register a rabbit, the registrar will need to see a current membership card, not just hear your number. I keep our cards in a zippered pouch in the same binder as I have my...
  14. Alaska Satin

    Not new, but returning!

    So I have had different experiences with this. Posing is part art and part science, and it needs to be done in person, and needs to be done correctly. Rabbits can be trained to pose, but there should be no "forcing." The point is not to fake anyone out; the point is to put the rabbit in a...
  15. Alaska Satin

    White patches on foot pads

    I have never identified a specific allele for that problem but it is not uncommon in selfs. It's definitely genetic, and in my experience, white spots on the footpads were frequently paired with white toenails or even a partially or wholly white foot. I had no reason to suspect either vienna...
  16. Alaska Satin

    Help with colors?

    No, that does not look like chestnut at all anymore. Looking at these pictures, I'd say either a tort or a harlequin, though it's a little hard to feel sure with the shadows adding to the variations in the color. However, putting together these photos with the ones of it as a kit, I'd go with...
  17. Alaska Satin

    Need help identifying the colours of these babies!

    What a pretty litter! Looks like you have an orange and a dilute (blue or lilac) harlequin. Stray white marks in this case, especially on the head, would likely be vienna marks (VM) coming from the vienna allele the BEW sire. If the whites are REW, you know the BEW buck carries a copy of REW...
  18. Alaska Satin


    It's pretty easy to make your own cage cards. Write or type them out and print them 4-6 on a page on cardstock, from a home printer or at a copy shop; you can get fancy and laminate them so you can use dry-erase pens if you don't want permanent records. An advantage to this approach is that...
  19. Alaska Satin

    Rex colors.

    He looks like a fine castor to me. The ARBA Rex standard calls for a dark chestnut or mahogany brown surface color; some castors look almost black, but they're not quite correct. Steel reduces or eliminates most or all of the agouti markings, especially belly color, and can make the rabbit...
  20. Alaska Satin

    Rex colors.

    Yes, steel is not a recognized color in Rex so he'd be disqualified. What makes you think he's a steel? Castors can vary in color intensity and hue. One good way to tell he's a steel is if he does not have a cream colored belly.