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  1. Tom in Kingman

    Haven't "quite" started yet

    Hello, my name is Tom and I live just off Route 66 about 15 miles east of Kingman AZ. I want to get going with meat rabbits since I'm a Prepper and they are a perfect fit. I am trying to set everything up before I make the "leap". I have been a member of the ARBA for 4 years and attended 2...
  2. Tom in Kingman

    Color of meat

    I have been led to believe that wild rabbit meat is dark and domesticated rabbit meat is white. Now, if a person suddenly no longer has access to the store bought pellets and must grow feed will the meat become dark? I know some of you feed other than store bought so you would see a change if...
  3. Tom in Kingman

    Interesting ideas on slaughtering

    A few nights ago the TLC channel aired a show "Living For The Acopolypse". Folks that see either hard times or "TEOTWAWKI".(The end of the world as we know it). Anyway, one of those that were featured was a Chiropractor known as "Survival Doc" (even has a web site by that name). He had meat...
  4. Tom in Kingman

    I'm got SKEERED !

    After I read about that lady that lost her entire rabbitry because a power failure shut her A/C off I was forced to look at my plans . Since I am in AZ and will have an indoor rabbitry a power failure in the summer would be fatal to all . I am currently working out the details for installing a...
  5. Tom in Kingman

    Realistic Expectations for Doe Productivity and Behaviour

    Question from the new guy . What are the odds ? That is to say , for every sad story of lost kits or even full litters , how many cycles go through until fruition without any big problems ? When I drove truck I hauled meat out of and lived in Iowa . Livestock was all around me and so was death ...
  6. Tom in Kingman

    I need a good number

    Since I am going to set aside a special area for my "wabbits" I can determine the enviorment . It seems that they will tolerate the kind of cold that we get in Northern AZ but there is more . I intend to grow worms in the manure pits to be kept under the cages . Worms are happy (and PRODUCTIVE)...
  7. Tom in Kingman

    I almost forgot .

    The other day we were discussing the price of hay here in Kingman and nearby . Well , something must have happened . Maybe fuel prices . 2 days ago I went into town and passed the "Gas and Gag" . Local store ,gas , propane , feed , hay etc. .The price has gone up to $13.99 a bale .That's a $5...
  8. Tom in Kingman

    Newby in Kingman AZ

    Hi all . I joined this forum hoping to recieve guidance in my rabbit raising endeavor . My goals are multiple . One is to raise a reliable food source in case of shortages in our food supply . The meat will also serve as barter for those things that we do not grow in our greenhouse or garden ...