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  1. avdpas77

    Minimum Rabbit Cage Size.

    I see all the time people trying to raise meat rabbits in a 24"x 24" cage. When I ask why the cage is so small they say that is what the ARBA recommends. There are two big fallacies with this. First of all this is a MINIMUM size, not a suggested size. Secondly, and by far the most...
  2. avdpas77

    Corned (salted) rabbit

    We raise a bunch of rabbits each year, and while we sell or give away some of them, we consume most of them ourselves. Since we eat rabbit so often, we are often looking for different ways to prepare it. We especially like it in stews, but they aren’t really summer fare. As we normally...
  3. avdpas77


    For a number of years, I have often picked up rabbits by the "scruff" of the neck like a cat would pick up a kitten. I don't do it much except when it comes time to process. It seems to be an acceptable way according to the literature, but it causes extensive bruising on the neck/back area and...
  4. avdpas77

    compliant does

    I should palpate my does, I guess, but I don't much remember how to do it any more.. and truth be told... I'm just too lazy. I usually breed 3 or 4 does at a I have 1/3 to 1/2 of my does kindling on an alternating schedule so I have room in my grow-out pens. I have found that at...
  5. avdpas77

    What color is this?

    OK, This is a young buck that I raised. This is his natural color, he is not stained. He is the only buck I have bred that is a bit skittish.....didn't like getting his picture taken. So, what color is this.
  6. avdpas77

    Color (genetics) Question

    If I mate a black buck with an agouti doe will any of the offspring be agouti? If none of the offspring are agouti, will the black offspring carry agouti?
  7. avdpas77

    Coastal hay

    I hear a lot of talk about "coastal" hay. I have never lived near the coast and had animals at the same time, so I am only familiar with the hays grown in the Midwest. Can anyone who is familiar with both areas give me some kind of hay hear in the Midwest that is similar? The common grass hay...
  8. avdpas77

    Turnip kraut

    I tried this on HT and didn't get much of a response. Anyone ever make turnip kraut? I've found plenty of recipes, simply looking for somone who eats it to tell me what its like. I have plenty of turnips this fall, way more than I'll ever eat fresh.
  9. avdpas77


    Hi y'all Got a question for Rex (or any other breed for that matter) raisers. I have all kinds of rabbits mixed into my bunch, and while I never used a Rex, one of the bucks may have had some rex in his background. Since I have never raised rex, I know them only by pictures. I get a few kits...
  10. avdpas77

    Your U.S. tax dollars at work ... hilds.html
  11. avdpas77

    Revaluating costs

    Over the past few years I have been raising from considerably more matings than I need for my own use in order to get the crossings to the point I desired. Because of this, I tended to have a lot more youngsters than my breeding program or freezer needed. I was selling these via the local TSC...
  12. avdpas77

    Photo loss

    Not only have the photos in my "Nestbox" thread been lost or corrupted, but I am unable to edit the posts so I can replace them.
  13. avdpas77

    Interesting discovery

    Since I am rearing meat rabbits for the greatest genetic variability possible, my first selection for breeders is based on differentiation of pedigree. After that the are chosen for "meat type", and finally, the does are chosen for kit number, milk production, and kit care. Bucks are rated on...
  14. avdpas77

    Chocolate rabbits.

    Anyone have (standard size) chocolate rabbits close to Missouri?
  15. avdpas77

    Rabbit Pics

    I haven't posted any rabbit pics in a while, so I thought I would would show off the two last new does I have saved. The first (Peaches) is about 6 months old (and 3 weeks pregnant) she isn't full size yet, but I have found they do much better when bred about this age. She should kindle in...
  16. avdpas77

    Colony Results

    I published this in the 'nest box' where Maggie asked that I post it here also..... Results of my Colony Experience I have been trying to differentiate between the different types of colonies as my information will only be pertinent to one type. I guess the two main factors are: A) inside...
  17. avdpas77

    Tri-color inquiry

    I have a tricolor buck, but I have never gotten a tricolor kit from him. Is there a gene involved that is sexed linked or something? What kind of Doe should I breed him to for the best chance at tri-color kits?
  18. avdpas77

    Hay, the best feed in an emergency

    Hay is discussed often on this website, and for good reason. It is helpful both as a preventative and remedy for gastronomic problems.It is often helpful as a less expensive source of nutrition to help keep the pellet bill down, and,good alfalfa hay is as close to a complete feed as any (one)...
  19. avdpas77


    Bunny bucks?<br /><br />__________ Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:21 am __________<br /><br />Bad me :shock: I just read MC's post :oops:
  20. avdpas77

    Need color help

    Hey MoonKitten and any of you others out there that knwo your genetics. I have a few rabbit that I would like to get some genetic information on. Because I can't give any parential gene info, I suspect that you won't be able to tell be everything, but any information will help. First up is...