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    Home made rabbit blocks?

    Has any one thought about using a coffee bean grinder to make rabbit blocks like feed blocks? Any idea/thoughts on how much nutrient value would actually be destroyed during baking? Its just some thing I was thinking about to give a little more chewable toy's and entertainment. Ingredients...
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    Cuteness share...

    F1 Silver Marten Lionheads, single manes....figured I'd share the chubby faces lol.
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    Are Autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) safe?

    Autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) are very very much found every where here. I never see deer or any thing eat them, but every search I've done says they're OK to eat and wild rabbits/deers/etc often eat the twigs/leaves/and olive like fruits. Does any one here have any ideas? I don't want...
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    Pot Bellies

    My first round of weaning kids on the new diet have a few scraggly kits. There are 3 out of 14 that are pot bellied and feel bony all over. They are are free fed hay/grass with grain/pellet mix. Free choice water bottle and bowl. They've been with out mom for 2 weeks now. They're eating and...
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    Has any one had problems with kits and shavings?

    I had a gorgeous litter of 10 French Lop babies, just recently at the 2 week old mark they started dying off and I could not figure out why. The last one I thought to pry open and "check" the whole body out cause I just could not figure out how nice healthy kids I kept finding dead in the box...
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    Sherwood Forest Feeds?

    I was reading and looking over their rabbit pellets, they have a no-grain feed base but don't say any idea of what is in it? Is that even really possible or safe for that matter? I that they needed some amount of grain to get every thing they needed and be fatter and not just survive. Has any...
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    Natural Feeding Issues

    Well I'm almost to the point of completely getting rid of pellets...and the same thing has happened again. There are a few in great shape, some not so great and need to gain weight. I'm feeding the below...what to add what to change? Would adding whole wheat be good? I do not want to add...
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    How durable is tanned rabbit?

    I'm wondering, how durable rabbit with and with out fur is? Is it strong enough to stand some pull and not rip easily or ? I'm going to start tanning some hides soon...and I have this 'idea' floating around but if the hides aren't close to being as durable as cow then it probably won't work.
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    Opinions on French Lop...

    Well dad finally got bit, couldn't deal with just having mine to mess with so he has 'his' rabbits now lol. He's not really interested in showing but if they're going to be here they might as well be show rabbits for me to take with me when I show mine. I got down to picking out 4 from 12 of...
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    EMERGENCY: Mini Rex in Trouble!

    I've already called the vet, said it was a hopeless case that he'd just die, I could bring him in and have him put down or could deal with it myself :( . How ever considering he's had a horribly long trip here (over 10 hours on the road) in the last 2 weeks and he's lasted this long I'm hoping...
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    Need Help with Sick Jersey Milk Cow that has newbor calf????

    About 2 weeks started having issues. The jersey my dad bought back in September which was down hill at the time any way because the guy that had her thought he could starve her into drying up even though she was already pregnant and not have to milk her, he instead caused massive weight loss...
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    Trying Natural Again...

    I'm taking another look at moving to natural feeding. Slow growth rate is fine, doesn't bother me. Actually may be a plus considering I wish my juniors would some times take it slower in growth. The last time I tried was a failure, every one switched over just fine with out any poop or GI...
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    I had a question come up about honeysuckle. Is it safe to make rabbit toys from/for them to munch? No one can seem to find a direct answer (even when looking at posts on here, first thing I suggested to do besides a google for it). Thanks in advance!
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    List of Safe Trees?

    I know apple type tree limbs and weeping willows are ok, but what other kind of tree limbs and leaves are OK for rabbits to munch on?
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    FS Stone clamp with extra clamp tat kit

    I am getting a new smaller grand champ set so am selling my old set. Same as new ink, 2 clamps (one stone other I cannot remember for just incase sake), two sets of 0-9 digits, SMR digits. Shows wear but still has lots of life left. Will take 35.00 for it (includes shipping to lower 48...
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    Sales Policy?

    I am working on a rabbitry over haul from nose to tail. The only thing that's not going out the window are the buns. SO I would like to know what other people do as far as their sales poliy goes? I've listed the one I'm thinking of using below, problems/thoughts on it? I know I can't cover...
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    CLEAN Red Mini Rex and BEW/VM Netherland Dwarf Juniors

    I have 3 red Mini Rex juniors that are 6 weeks of age, can be picked up in 2 weeks but not before then as they must be 8 weeks of age at pick up. No smut, good thick fur, excellant color, fair type and build over all. Could use more width in shoulders and fullness in HQ. Full pedigree, all...
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    I am thinking of butchering some rabbits later on but what to do with whats not usable? Usually when one passes here we burry them in a pet cematary type place on the property but since it may be several on an on going basis it does not seem do able.
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    I posted on another board asking about if pumpkin was safe to feed rabbits, know to use little at a time, but just got the why would you even do that and not a straight answer. So can I feed pumpkins from my garden that are left over from canning? I have searched and read seeds are okay and...