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  1. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    doe over a year old

    I was thinking of buying a doe that is over a year old but has never been breed.. I am a little concerned about that.. any thoughts
  2. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    No,, she wasn't already Pregnant.. I paid for a stud for her.. and I had her for a while now..
  3. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    I haven't been on much.. been really busy.. I thought I post something.. Here is my new litter of puppies.. She is a long hair Chihuahua .. but I keep her trimmed.. she had 7 puppies.. one was doa... she only weights 6 pounds.. that is allot of pups for her... so excited ...she was due on my...
  4. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    Guess What Day It Is? Nope, not hump day,It's...

    THANKS GUYS... I HAD A GOOD BIRTHDAY TODAY.... this made it even better...
  5. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    This is so sad.. .
  6. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    Super long day. I'm pooped.

    I be a zoobie , getting that many hours... but since I am getting older.. My sleeping pattern has changed to the worst .. I don't get as much sleep as I like.. I cant stay up pass 10 and I am up a few times through the night as I am a light sleeper.. and up out of bed at 5 am..
  7. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    difference in two diets

    that is possible as I don't have the list of ingred <br /><br /> __________ Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:54 am __________ <br /><br /> I just called the company you makes this food and asked for the ingred... there is no corn in it
  8. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    difference in two diets

    agree.. but the ones that I feed with grains ... they don't have this .. and I feed more than 2 percent fat and I will be adding oil to the feed when it gets colder out.
  9. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    difference in two diets

    I process more rabbits this morning.. they are 9 weeks old and on the same feed as the others that I butchered and some line.. I took pic to show the fat inside of the rabbit.. I am wondering ,, do they really need a high protein diet.. as this is the results.. These ones were on 17 percent...
  10. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    difference in two diets

    barley, rolled oats, horse sweet feed .. ect. __________ Wed Oct 15, 2014 3:40 pm __________ the grain feed rabbits .. get alfalfa hay ,, rabbits on pellets.. drink more water
  11. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    difference in two diets

    I process some rabbits this morning and This is what I have noticed......the rabbits that are on full pellet diet.. there urine is a white milky stinky ........the rabbits that are on grain ... there urine is yellow and can see through it and barley any smell to it.. .. I think there is to much...
  12. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    Our new moggie

    She is pretty. I don't mind black cats at all and you are right .. they do have a hard time to find homes for.. Look at those eyes.. congrats on your new pet in the house
  13. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    Using a Rabbit Wringer, Hopper Popper, etc

    I did 52 rabbits this past weekend.. and they were older than 20 weeks.. some were 10 pounds and 90 percent were males.. So doing this way was tough and you have to be strong in doing it to.. but it worked. And skinning males at that size and age.. It was very difficult.
  14. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    TO UPDATE on this .... I give flax seed everyday .. they are really healthy and look healthy and they love it.. there is no loose poop giving flax at all..
  15. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    look how round she is

    I hope so.. this will be her first litter.. but she is a big rabbit to start off with.. so I am thinking 6
  16. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    look how round she is

    look how round she is .. she is due tomorrow..
  17. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    butchering a turky question

    I agree with sagebush .. this is how we do ours..
  18. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    I know you are suppose to breed tri to tri.. .. but , If I have to use another color and then breed back to the tri... which color would you recommend... These are Rex
  19. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    From Toronto Canada ***BIG WAVES***

    Welcome. I am 4 hours from you.. Nice to see another Ontario close by. :)