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  1. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    doe over a year old

    I was thinking of buying a doe that is over a year old but has never been breed.. I am a little concerned about that.. any thoughts
  2. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    I haven't been on much.. been really busy.. I thought I post something.. Here is my new litter of puppies.. She is a long hair Chihuahua .. but I keep her trimmed.. she had 7 puppies.. one was doa... she only weights 6 pounds.. that is allot of pups for her... so excited ...she was due on my...
  3. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    This is so sad.. .
  4. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    difference in two diets

    I process some rabbits this morning and This is what I have noticed......the rabbits that are on full pellet diet.. there urine is a white milky stinky ........the rabbits that are on grain ... there urine is yellow and can see through it and barley any smell to it.. .. I think there is to much...
  5. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    look how round she is

    look how round she is .. she is due tomorrow..
  6. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    I know you are suppose to breed tri to tri.. .. but , If I have to use another color and then breed back to the tri... which color would you recommend... These are Rex
  7. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    what to use for resting board

    I need a idea on what to use for the resting board in the cages.. right now I am using plywood .. I have to change them. I want something that I can wash and put back in.. what do you use?
  8. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    I process some rabbits this morning.. I came across two of these.. View My Video
  9. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    look at what i got

    I picked up almost 7 gallons of walnuts.. And of course the squirrels got some of their share.. there is a lot more to come.
  10. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    having a hard time of who to keep

    I am having a hard time on who to keep and not to keep.. I weight every one .. I have some cals mixes and some pure .. most of them are 6.5 pounds and born June 1st.. but to me that isn't good enough.. should I put them in the freezer.? I do have a very good body type and big purebred cal to...
  11. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    My new doe

    Got my new doe today.. I waited all week to get her and she was breed last week.. I am counting the days.
  12. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    what does pelts go for

    I have some rabbit pelts that I did up a little while back... I have some interested in them for making dog toys... I was going to keep them to make a nice blanket.. not sure what I am going to sell or not.. I will always have pelts to do.. so no big deal... I have never sold any before.. but it...
  13. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    what kind of oil

    I know the cool weather is around the corner.. I am thinking all ready of switching my food for the rabbits for the winter.. I was thinking of add some oil to their grains ... what kind is good and how much ?
  14. Mary Ann's Rabbitry


    Has anyone fermented food to feed there rabbits.. I know it is good for chickens and other animals.. I was reading that rabbits can eat it to and they gain weigh on this stuff... has anyone here done this for at least a 6 month period.?
  15. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    how many does do i need

    ok.. I need to find out how many does do I need to have at least 40 plus fryers a month.. I like to stick to the low end of things.. So lets say the average doe raises 6 kits a litter .. and I breed her 3 to 4 times a year.. I know that I can do more.. but I don't like pushing them .. and I need...
  16. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    how much to charge per pound

    I am starting to selling for raw diet for dogs.... I have been feeding my dogs with rabbit now for 8 years.. I really like working with rabbits.... I am going to expand towards that area... but I am not to sure on what to charge.. this is cleaned with organs in each bag of rabbit.. this will be...
  17. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    some new breeding stock

    I am excited so I had to share.. Here is a cal buck .. he is big for his age.. pure and sound and wide.. He is scared in this pic.. just got them home for a long trip and very warm today .. He is going to be my main buck in the cals Here is a nz buck that is going to be my main herd buck in...
  18. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    Not to sure which way to go

    I was going to add another breed to my rabbitry .. but each time I do that .. I notice they are not as good as a meat rabbit as my other ones and I end putting them in the freezer as well.. What I am looking for .. good meat to bone ratio with out eating allot per pound of meat ... I know of...
  19. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    I score on two hutches

    I add two hutches to my rabbitry.. I cant seem to get enough.. Always looking for ways to improve to make things easier.. I love being with rabbits.. they are still drying out before I can use them.
  20. Mary Ann's Rabbitry

    how to store rabbit poop over the winter

    I never thought I would be posting a pic of rabbit poop.. But I am... I am happy about it to.. after cleaning most of the hay up under the cages and having the chickens scratch it around.. and having no rain for a while.. it was nice and dry.. I though , now is the time to start saving some it...