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    Adding rabbits to a colony?

    I would like to hear more about your pasture/electirc fence setup!
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    Fleshing hides??? When have you gone down far enough?

    I'm trying to brain tan my own hides but am unsure when I have fleshed down enough for the brains to penetrate proper. I did it wet with a dull knife, and took off a good layer mostly in one piece. When I started I could pull the membrane 1-1 1/2" from the skin, now they is a tiny bit, just...
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    Co-housing bucks, colony style?

    I have kept 7 bucks, of differnt ages, all reaching maturity in said 8'X14' pen, sucessfully in one area for at least months. while I witnessed certain territorial behaviors and physical agression, I found that they really figure it out and we may have found a few war wounds but never to the...
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    Returning Buck to Colony Question

    I have seen no evidence of bucks causing kits harm, and support adding him in, often the buck proves to be the kits best friend ;)
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    Celery was alway left for last at our place.
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    Poplar is POPULAR here!

    We have a great love of poplar here too! With fall here there were so few leaves in the pens I throw all the leaves we can get in and they love the change. I also have hills made of criss crossed black poplar aka cottonwood buried under dirt, when I had to catch a certain doe who was too smart...
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    Produce Scraps Regular Large Quantities

    Just an update While I did it it worked great, some things wer left behind but with such a large colony it seems everyone got their individual tastes met including a doe who loved oranges. We had no problems with spoilage with it being winter, and I found that since they were allowed to select...
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    corn and cabbage, etc

    I've been doing alot of feed research lately. I found one resource that claimed a bit of the confusion about corn had been a missunderstanding on information published by the author(I can't remember who right now I've been reading so much). Anyways the author was contacted to clarify. She said...
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    Breeding goats?????

    Ok I've done enough research to have learnt that goats from warmer places, such as Boers are seasonal breeders, and goats originally from cooler places can breed year round. What I am confused about are which breeds are from warmer climates(Kiko? not sure what it is like in Newzealand, but the...
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    rabbit rawhide blanket

    So with fryers, to used them for a blanket, could you not use an iron-on to counter how fragile they are and still have it work do you think???
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    !!! Giant Movable Colony, Pasture, huge scale!!!

    We would fill it with water. My partner picked up the hoses at auction and they are used mostly for water pumps to fill and empty ponds around here.
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    33 Day Pregnancy

    I would say leave here alone and stop hovering and worrying, once you do chances are she's going to the litter especially if you aren't around. Rabbits like to be very private when they delivery.
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    !!! Giant Movable Colony, Pasture, huge scale!!!

    The new plan for the moveable fencing is to run a partially filler fire hose around the bottom since the ground is uneven it will form as it is dragged ;)
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    Onion family is bad too
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    !!! Giant Movable Colony, Pasture, huge scale!!!

    I have all the space pasture and hay feilds I need, on such a large scale that if we did have a few escapees there would be lots of room and we would have the means to hunt them down, not be prohibited by having neighbors close. We the rabbits eating strait out the hay feilds it eliminates so...
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    Doe vulva colors when pregnant???

    What color is it???
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    blind kit

    You can look into Moon eye symptoms with e.cuniculi. I had a blind bunny with it, and he lived ell in the house until theyer was and accident and with routine settled in really we. Plus I find people like "broken" animals as pets, makes them feel like that are changing a life ;)
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    Doe vulva colors when pregnant???

    So in know about how to read a doe through her cycle but what I'm wondering is if anyone has notice a pattern when a rabbit is bred and pregnant regaurding size and color. I know it isn't a sure thing to be able to tell but I thought there should be some consistant findins somewhere.
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    !!! Giant Movable Colony, Pasture, huge scale!!!

    Background I started with 4 rabbits in two carriers one day. The next day I built a hutch tractor, and set to work on building pens. Two pens are 7x14, and a tin shed 6x8. In the winter once the ground freezes behind the shed I have a third pen about 20x15. This year we built a new giant pen at...
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    Castrating rabbits????

    Like I said large rabbits are hard to find around here and in large demand because Nobody has them really at all. All the people who do want $50 a bunny and those are mutts as well because meat rabbits are tabboo here, except with people of other ethnicities, and even those rabbits generally top...