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  1. Zee-Man

    First time butchering yesterday. What to do with heads, ears, feet, tails, etc?

    The greenhouse idea is actually fantastic. They are commercially produced that way.
  2. Zee-Man

    First time butchering yesterday. What to do with heads, ears, feet, tails, etc?

    Well this was a welcome topic to p[op up again. It is late December as I write and am happy to report my black soldier fly experiment is still succeeding. Black Soldier Fly? They are a great members of the decomposition cycle. They are an insect that is not inimical to humans. They out compete...
  3. Zee-Man

    Chopped hay, forage for rabbits fed along with pellets.

    A little more primitive, but perhaps easier to cobble together. What the nice chopper in the OP video does is 1) pack the feed stock into a uniform space 2) feed it via gears 3) Holds it against an anvil 4)...
  4. Zee-Man

    Regenerative gardening: swales and berms?

    You will find a wealth of information at
  5. Zee-Man

    It's our 38th Wedding Anniversary!! 💖

    I am so happy for you both! May God continue to bless you with joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, and love.
  6. Zee-Man

    I have a lot of questions

    Are the best!
  7. Zee-Man

    Double Digging for Garden Beds

    For your situation a hybrid of raised bed and hugelculture may be quite effective. It will take some time though. I would dig down say 12 inches. Raise the sides of the bed. and lay in some wood. Firewood might be a good choice. Ground tree scrap for an arborist is a good choice too. Sounds like...
  8. Zee-Man

    Bucks together

    I only have 1 buck. I would have to yield to others experience about them fighting.
  9. Zee-Man

    Double Digging for Garden Beds

    You may have some great information, specially when it comes to scales of mass prairie or pasture land. However, the empirical evidence over 30 years or so in various piedmont soils shows greater yields and drought survival. You may see in the third picture above how verdant the double dug...
  10. Zee-Man

    Double Digging for Garden Beds

    Here is a good illustration of why double digging is effective. The first picture is Sudex planted in unimproved soil. The second is Sudex that was planted the same day in double dug garden bed. They are after about 3 weeks of growth. At present the unimproved plot is about 24 inch tall. The...
  11. Zee-Man

    Double Digging for Garden Beds

    The B hoizon is once more dug up and sifted. It gets leaf mold and compost added and mixed in. Then it goes on top of the previous stretch. That process gets repeated until the end of the garden bed is reached. At the end the reserved top soil gets put in the hole followed by the reserved B...
  12. Zee-Man

    Double Digging for Garden Beds

    Next the B horizon is dug up, sifted and reserved. I'll go down to about 12 to 14 inches deep, or as far as I can wallow my tiller in, twice. The grass plants are tossed in the hole. The next row is then scalped, and sifted. Grass plants go in the pervious hole. Then the top soil is put in the...
  13. Zee-Man

    Double Digging for Garden Beds

    My soil is about 1/3 stone. So double digging serves another purpose; to make the tilth much more fine. The process begins by removing the top 6 inches of soils, the O and A horizon. The grass plants are sifted out and reserved. The soil is removed and reserved for later use.
  14. Zee-Man

    Double Digging for Garden Beds

    The idea behind double digging is to rotate the the O and A horizons with the B horizon. Clay is needed to provide negative ions so the roots (having a positive charge) can take up water and nutrients. The bulk of plant roots will be found in the top several inches of the soil with only tap...
  15. Zee-Man

    Double Digging for Garden Beds

    @MnCanary Asked, in another thread, about my experience with double digging. For those who don't know, double digging is a technique to enrich the soil. Over time, nutrients filter to the deeper horizons in the soil. The very top layer is the O horizon; O for Organic. It is followed by the A...
  16. Zee-Man

    leaking rabbit drinking nipples

    I am working on a constant flow system. With constant flow the entire mass of the water has to get below freezing. The reservoir being inside the house, for my design, it can never freeze. A system wholly outside would need a heater as well. @Heartbased Homestead, for a gravity system, it isn't...
  17. Zee-Man

    leaking rabbit drinking nipples

    I will be using these when I finally get around to making my auto water system. They are set for low pressure system and thread into the manifold. Leaking nipples, it seems, is...
  18. Zee-Man

    Semi natural feeding (free choice)

    I only have a few rabbits. In winter months pellets and hay are the mainstay, since greens are done. Spring through autumn its forage unless my schedule is interrupted. They relish the forage but still have a preference for pellets. Wild roses, ragweed, mulberry shoots are fairly easy...
  19. Zee-Man

    Looking to learn!

    Welcome! There is a lot to learn here. Explore the forums and I am sure will come out of the rabbit hole in a few weeks.
  20. Zee-Man

    Legal Requirements - minimum age for selling rabbits

    Wow! I'm in Delaware so it is good to know it is 12 weeks now. So nice to have the Living Dead threads waken : ))