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    When "they" come to take your animals

    Does everyone understand their rights as far as animal ownership is concerned? Last week, in Washington state, a single woman had over 200 rabbits taken from her. All videos showed clean rabbits in acceptable living conditions. it is not difficult for a single person to care for several hundred...
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    Parents being sued. No idea what to do now

    GET OUT! so much has been said that protects your well-being. You are not a bank, you do not have landlord responsibilities. it is hard to break free of the abuse you are being subjected to. figure out what the minimum possessions you need to camp for a while, get a tent, a cooler, etc, and...
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    Making composed rabbit manure

    The smaller the pieces are, the faster they turn into gold. Add rock dust, dried kelp, etc ( if possible) to increase the amount of trace minerals. By all means, let the earthworms do the majority of the work. their little bodies help disperse beneficial bacteria and break down different stuff...
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    iI have a friend who raises Nigerian Dwarf goats as part of her LGD and other breeding programs. the LGDs are raised as working animals, and the goat milk comes in handy for puppy and kitten raising, as well as human consumption. Just a week after she euthed a buck for being too aggressive, a...
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    First Show Rabbits - Registration/Etiquette Questions

    Let's see what I remember Registration The registrar will need to have a copy of the pedigree to take with, You will need the ID you use tatted in the left ear. If you know weights of ancestors, reprint the pedigree with all infor possible, I don't think you need to worry about color! Not sure...
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    How much hay per rabbit yearly?

    several factors to consider, hay quality, storage method, number of rabbits, reproductive status, weight of bale, etc. if one bale lasted 2 growing kits a winter, did they reach the target wight and condition? If so, did they maintain both on the same diet? whatever you fed to maintain optimal...
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    Almost Full Pedigrees!!!!!!!

    Oh Yeah. And then there are the incomplete pedigrees. no colors, no weights. or you think you have purchased a solid colored rabbit, and find you have something with a two toned coat . I gave benefit of doubt, thinking coat was sunburned. And then, when bred to another color, you get a mess of...
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    Meat rabbit breed of choice

    the crimping is a Rex trait called Texel. yes, developed in Texas. Not too many curly coated rabbits out there.
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    Meat rabbit breed of choice

    I chose Rex and American Chinchilla. Rex, well, I just really love the fur. AmChin, because I have an interest in heritage breeds, and if they are developed in the US, that's all the better. Both have nice personalities, I found the size, at the time, comfortable for me to handle. after I had...
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    Meat rabbit breed of choice

    A friend of mine did the Rex x NZ and the meat to bone ratio was fine, but the fur quality was inconsistent. her best meat producers were pure californian. now, I understand that the smaller Dutch rabbits can be real "meat bricks,"
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    Winter is coming, bedding

    the 2 most important things are to keep things dry and windproof, when I was living out in the boonies, I covered the rabbit area with a tarp. and if I was expecting really cold weather, actually stuffed the cages with hay. The rabbits would burrow into the hay and munch all night...
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    Buck biting fur off back of does' necks

    Many 4-legged animals. when mounting the female, grab the neck or shoulder area in order to help hold themselves in position. This is why expensive mares are covered with a blanket when they are being serviced with a "live cover" by a stallion. as long as the rabbit buck doesnt actually tear the...
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    Watch out for AR nimrods

    The bad thing is this... I fit several of the target requirements for this type of seizure...older, disabled, low income and few people helping (the help I qualify for is nonexistent due to people not wanting to work out where I live.) so many of these seizures are done by people who have no...
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    Watch out for AR nimrods

    A few months ago, I was found very much incapacitated by my brother and paramedics were called. The next day, they came back and stole my rabbit. apparently, they did some nosing around, because a few weeks later, in a FB group about local crimes, when I warned other about the illegal taking of...
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    Do you use compressed hay?

    Hay is just dried vegetation. One could actually use dried corn stalks as hay. The nutritional value of any hay is dependent on the soil it was grown in as well as the type of vegetation. Standlee has some pretty good products. My rabbits have enjoyed Lucerne Farms lucerne, especially the...
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    Returning...looking for sanity!

    Maggie, I almost died at the beginning of April. AR nimrods came into my apartment the day after paramedics pulled me out, and stole my rabbit, the person who was here to take her home was lied to. Oh... it was the paramedics that came back and took Maureen. M was 11 years old! If you remember...
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    Tired of Social Media... going old school.

    Oh, me too! tired of being censored because I use a lot of correct terminology, or having some AR nimrod call me a murderer for processing a rabbit. and the "no sales" cannot even offer Rabbit Fiber for sale!
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    Returning...looking for sanity!

    It has been a while. I have been without a computer for several years, and my "smart phones" I've had in the interim made me feel really stupid. Now, I am dealing with a laptop that uses Edge as a browser(?) I am currently caring for only 1 rabbit. I have experienced the work of Animal Rights...