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  1. Nyctra

    How did you decide to have rabbits?

    I got caught up in a book series as a teenager and drew the characters as kitties, gaining the attention of a 4H kid who had a similar idea of drawing the characters as rabbits. I made friends with them and so I started drawing bunnies. Around that time I saw a music video with a bunch of black...
  2. Nyctra

    I need your opinions soon as possible please

    Could be just the next coat growing in funny. I feel I've seen that before, some more noticeable than others.
  3. Nyctra

    Help!! Loose rabbit!!

    I've caught roaming rabbits by using another rabbit as bait. lol I simply put a rabbit in a cage on the ground and sit next to it until the stray comes up to inspect if it's near enough to see the other rabbit. It'll usually be too preoccupied sniffing the other to react fast enough to me...
  4. Nyctra

    flystrike/open wound - help?!

    hmm...I have no idea how or if I can edit a past post to edit the title. anywho, bunny butt update. I finally got some of it to stay glued shut as it has been for some days now, but the stubborn area is decreasing in size by the day. The stained fur is iodine. There seems to be new pale fleshy...
  5. Nyctra

    flystrike/open wound - help?!

    Just for a small update, he seems to be recovering! Triple antibiotic and vetericin spray barely kept it in check long enough for supplies to arrive in the mail. It's been kept hydrated with hydogel and bandaged with duoderm for a few days now with bandage changes a couple times a day, plus...
  6. Nyctra

    flystrike/open wound - help?!

    He is! I've washed and picked out all I can find and have been checking him every other hour or so to pick off any of the minuscule stragglers. I think the bugs are gone but I'm still checking to see if any more have popped up. He's in a cage lined in paper towels over a towel to keep him dry...
  7. Nyctra

    flystrike/open wound - help?!

    I check him every day or two because he has a chronic dirty butt, but they hit him anyway. This morning I caught him making a funny face, checked, and YIKES. I've cleaned out as much as I can, but there's still some super tiny maggots in there. I rinsed it a couple times with peroxide and salt...
  8. Nyctra

    3y/o first timer - Success!

    She had me so worried! Silly me thought if I didn't name her, I wouldn't get attached. But then she missed the first bus to camp, and the second, and the one after that...I hung onto her so long that having no name became her name in a way, so for 3 whole years she's been purely for petting...
  9. Nyctra

    What is this & can buns eat it?

    yep...another of those "can my rabbit eat this?" threads I promise I'd google it myself if I had any idea what they were, but I'm not very versed in veggie varieties. :oops:
  10. brushie brushie

    brushie brushie

    gotta brush my hare before i leave the house
  11. hoppy holiday

    hoppy holiday

    Sophie doesn’t think I’m funny. XD
  12. Nyctra

    Another "it finally happened" bun

    I've been joking for a long time with my sister, telling her to "Bring me a bunny" every time she comes over. She finally did it. Meet Clunker, my very first Flemish. :P I've had him about 3 weeks now.
  13. Nyctra

    Crazy leg...

    Was watching rabbit posing videos for the heck of it and the impression I got was only one foot has to be below the knee, the one on the opposite side of you, that's the crazy leg. Crazy leg can do whatever crazy leg wants. :lol:
  14. Nyctra

    Why does this doe always have broken kits?

    Either some weird luck, or she's actually a Charlie. There's a certain form of Charlie (two broken genes) caused by Booted broken influence that is actually mistaken for normal broken a lot, I've noticed. I've also noticed booted seems to be pretty prevalent in Broken Red NZ's, so I'm gonna go...
  15. Nyctra

    that thing does do

    Apparently it was liked enough to be reposted. :shock: Added a signature...if you can call it that. So I guess if you see this (or any of my art :lol: ) being reposted anywhere that isn't obviously me/Ny/Nyctra/Nancy, pipe up maybe? :oops:
  16. Nyctra

    looks black but isn't

    If the color is only in the otter areas, then my vote would be on steel otter. Steel+otter darkens the otter pattern. Mom bun is probably hiding steel, unless dad bun is darker than normal for an otter. :shrug: Example of a steel'd otter:
  17. Nyctra

    that thing does do

    Okay...I think I can get where you're coming from now. XD I admit, while the dewlaps I've always loved, it was all the rolls and folds I've seen on rex tripped me out for a LONG time and turned me off from rex. Now I want all of the rolls and folds. Just gimme all the excess skin and fur to...
  18. Nyctra

    that thing does do

    gimme a second here... *deep breath* HOW COULD YOU HATE DEWLAPS? D: I'm so glad you've seen the light! :lol: They're excellent fondling material (even if the ladies hate it).
  19. Nyctra

    that thing does do

    And here, a New Zealand White preforms a disappearing act. Signature added so maybe if someone tries to steel it again, at least that'll be there... :/ I was reminded about RT, and figured I might as well share this doodle here. :lol:
  20. Nyctra

    Is this plantain?

    Because that would be pretty cool if it is... :lol: Talking about the big round glossy leaves; it has stalks of seed-things. I've been looking for it for years, since I first got meat buns and started trying to forage for them, but all I've been able to find in my woods is narrow-leaf plantain...