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    Summer and Silver Fox

    Looking for in-sight as to how much heat a Silver Fox can tolerate. I live in SC and it's already mid 90s and we can have some pretty bad humidity. I've seen the many options for helping to keep rabbits cool, but I'm trying to find out what they can handle as for our hot summers. Thank you
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    Whats the chances of a successful first time mom?

    Oh my! I hope my luck is better. Sorry for your loses on first litters.
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    Post regret after first time dispatching/butchering (graphic images)

    I used to hunt as a kid and stopped as a young adult because I didn't feel right about killing. I can give a few thoughts of mine to you (as someone that is just getting rabbits to breed for sale and meat). 1) understand up front that your rabbit has a purpose to feed your family. 2) Don't...
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    How are you keeping your rabbits cool this really hot "summer" so far?

    I'm also in SC and am getting ready to purchase my first rabbits and have been concerned about the heat.
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    Show me your hutches!

    That's a good idea. I'm looking for a smart set up for keeping things clean.
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    Show me your hutches!

    I really want to go the way of Tractors!! I have a large area of thick clover in our back yard.
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    I love Silver Fox rabbits!

    Wow they all look awesome!!
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    8 week old Blue Silver Fox with floppy ears

    I thought that Silver Fox had ears that stand up
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    Hello, new member <3

    Hello and welcome!!!
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    I hope your Doe is doing better
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    Hi! New member from Cali

    Welcome, I'm also new. I have so many questions!!
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    Playing with the pelts

    I'm here but a little late lol. I'm looking to get some Silver Fox to raise and breed. Are you doing any Silver Fox pelts? As may experiment with trying pelts. Are some breeds better than others to make better pelts?
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    Meat Taste and Tenderness?

    I'm new here, do different breeds of rabbits have any better or worse tasting or tenderness of meat? Or is it like "rabbit meat is rabbit meat", it's more about the receipt?
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    Meat Rabbit Breeds

    I'm ready to purchase my first rabbits and am planning to have Silver Fox for both meat and to sell. :)
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    South Carolina Silver Fox

    I'm new and planning on raising Silver Fox rabbits. I live in the Greenville SC area. I would like to start with 1 buck and 2 does, I like the idea of pedigree and good show standards as I might like to sell some of the kits. Anyone know of where I could find my starter Silver Fox near...
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    Kits are vanishing.

    hmmm... do you have snakes around your area? They can swallow them whole.