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  1. Morgenglanz

    Broken and White ear genes together?

    Thanks so much for your response. These were the same concerns that I had. They just seem at odds with one another, two similar yet completely different styles. Think I’ll keep them separate.
  2. Morgenglanz

    Hello from Lil Acorn Acres Farm

    You’re going to love keeping rabbits! Welcome to RT!
  3. Morgenglanz

    Broken and White ear genes together?

    Hi everyone! Another question for those well versed in genetics. Does En and We play well together or should they be kept separate? Thank you!
  4. Morgenglanz

    Lionhead Kits

    They look well fed. Go mama!
  5. Morgenglanz

    Genotype of light steel?

    Fascinating! Thanks to all who responded. This is complicated and I’m finally feeling as though I can wrap my brain around it! Definitely White ear genetics in place as the sire is White eared. Heavy Vienna lines as well. I hadn’t realized how much roaning there would be with the White ears. So...
  6. Morgenglanz

    Genotype of light steel?

    Correction. Harlequinized silver tipped steel??
  7. Morgenglanz

    Genotype of light steel?

    Oh I definitely have to find the time to research this more thoroughly! Thank you for your assistance! I was confused by the internet again. Light steel is the color that people have called this on websites. They are continental Giants. Okay, so I am not seeing any ej in the pedigree. However...
  8. Morgenglanz

    Genotype of light steel?

    Pretty sure that the kit on the left is a gold tipped steel.
  9. Morgenglanz

    Genotype of light steel?

    Hello everyone! I’m new to steel genetics and have some questions about it. Is the kit in the foreground light steel? What is the genotype for this color?
  10. Morgenglanz

    Help! Rabbit is attacking me!!

    So he was not terminally culled but was instead adopted by a 4H kid who knew what he was getting into. 😂
  11. Morgenglanz

    Is this a Vienna marking?

    She’s completely black except for her nose tip and inside her nostrils. Maybe it looks tan because it is mucous membranes? I’ll try to get some better photos in natural daylight.
  12. Morgenglanz


    Yikes! I don’t like being bit either, not fun when they hang on.
  13. Morgenglanz

    Is this a Vienna marking?

    Here’s a better picture. I’m going to have to check her toenails.
  14. Morgenglanz

    Question regarding Global Pedigree

    That would be ideal!
  15. Morgenglanz

    Is this a Vienna marking?

    Loved the idea of BEW as a litter sire. Excellent and it would confirm or deny!
  16. Morgenglanz

    Is this a Vienna marking?

    Excellent points and beautiful rabbits! You’re absolutely right, that is entirely probable. Definitely getting some better photos once I have help. Hopefully that will help. She’s a squimy doe and she’s just not cooperating for flash photography. 😂
  17. Morgenglanz

    Related Rabbit Breeding?

    What a gorgeous smoke pearl, the shaded colors are so pretty!
  18. Morgenglanz

    First Spring Breeding Pair

    I’d give it shot, it’s ultimately up to them! They are both beautiful buns. Good luck!🍀