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    What color is this Holland doe?

    Could she be maybe a lilac sable magpie? Sable magpies have a cream color to them. They're cchl based instead of cchd
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    When to rebreed

    While I don't have a ton of experience yet I've been breeding all of my rabbits back at about 4 weeks as long as the doe is in good condition. I'm thinking about bumping it to 6 weeks. I just got Hollands recently and still have a few weeks until my first holland litter
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    Is there a market for rabbits?

    I don't think it would be worth it if you aren't utilizing them for meat. Especially with a breed like New Zealand. You'd probably just be better off having a few as pets for yourself and not breeding
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    Animal Wanted Silver Fox in Wa.

    Look up Mary's Little Monsters on facebook! I don't know if she has any available right now, but she breeds silver fox:D If you happen to come across any chocolate Silver Fox let me know too please :)
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    Lionhead baby colors

    Thanks for the info! This is my first lionhead litter. I have a lionlop baby buck that is going to be my main buck for these guys once he's old enough. I don't think I would have guessed that my boy was chocolate based. His colored areas just look grey to me lol. I'll have to look closer at...
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    Lionhead baby colors

    I need some help on these guys. Mom is black. I think dad is some sort of frosty? Is that correct? What would his genotype be? As for the babies I believe I see one black, one tort, and I don't know what the other 3 are. Thanks for any info! One day old 3 days old (today) Mom Dad
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    Fawn? Rex

    Thanks! I definitely think the middle picture looks more "orange" than he really is. I'm hoping he'll breed on my next round of pairings. I won't be able to breed him to a confirmed dilute carrier until probably April 8th. I'm comparing his color with what I've seen in the difference of...
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    Fawn? Rex

    My gut says dilute because he's "dusty" for a lack of a better term. I don't think it's just low Rufus, but I don't have enough experience to be sure. I'm hoping one of the experts here can tell 🤞🤞
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    Fawn? Rex

    I'm trying to figure out the genetics for this buck. No pedigree, and so far he isn't breeding. I was told he's a fawn. Having trouble finding out what that means for his genotype because of the fawn/cream/red being different between breeds. My main question is would he be dilute? Is there...
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    Do magpies have to be Agouti?

    Thank you! I'll try to get that page up on my computer. I can't read it on my phone. I'm trying to figure out the difference in phenotype between them still (if there is one since being magpie the yellow pigment is gone). I guess I'll breed my magpie buck to my chocolate (self) doe and see...
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    Do magpies have to be Agouti?

    Every gene sequence I see for magpie shows agouti, but then what are they without it? If they are ata or aa? I have a tri doe that is supposed to be ata I bred her to her son who is a black magpie. His sire is listed as A_B_cchd_D_ej_ I have the doe as ataB_C_Ddeje She's produced tans and...
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    Tri Otter? Rex

    Thanks! So it's possible that she is ata? I previously had only read about tris being A_ (I'm guess that's probably the norm?) I don't see any otter rabbits behind her, so I'm hoping the got that from breeding results. She has chocolate magpie behind her, so fingers crossed. Chocolate otter is...
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    Tri Otter? Rex

    This is my new tri rex doe. According to what they have in her pedigree she is ataB_CcchdDdej_Enen. I don't see any indication of her being otter but i read something that if she is ejej it wouldn't show, is that correct? Is there anything I could see on her phenotype to confirm this or disprove...