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  1. rabbitgeek

    Minimum Rabbit Cage Size.

    Just my two cents. I prefer 24 deep x 36 wide x 16 high as minimum for 10-12 lb nursing cages. I do not like sticking my head and shoulders into a cage to grab uncooperative rabbits. Have a good day! Franco Rios
  2. rabbitgeek

    Hello...and a breed question

    I suggest the Dutch. 1/2 the size of "regular" meat rabbits, 1/2 the space required. Great show and pet sales potential. If you want something a little bigger, the Standard Chinchilla is ideal at 6 or 6 1/2 lbs. Good commercial body types and great soft fur. Have a good day! Franco Rios
  3. rabbitgeek

    What do you feed your show rabbits?

    What do you feed your rabbits? *from rabbitgeek notes 7/30/08 Below is my standard blurb on feed: I usually feed Purina Complete (16% protein) and Purina Professional (18% protein). Actually I mix them together to create an average 17% protein feed. Lately I've been using Purina Show Formula...
  4. rabbitgeek

    DIY tin can feeder

    Bravo! Well done! Have a joyful day!
  5. rabbitgeek

    American Rabbit

    I have info on my webpage Have a good day!
  6. rabbitgeek

    My American Chinchillas!

    Maybe you could raise some meat pens with Am Chins? Have a good day!
  7. rabbitgeek

    How do you kill them?

    Please pardon my belated reply. You've got a lot of good suggestions here. I posted an essay on rabbittalk some time ago. Here is the link Broomstick Method and other ways know post9559.html?hilit=moonbeam#p9559 Have a good day!
  8. rabbitgeek

    Standard Rex and Satin Angora

    Wow! Nice and curly. Can I add this picture to my Astrex page? Have a good day!
  9. rabbitgeek

    Rex/Satin Angora Genetics Project

    I see too many variables in play. *from rabbitgeek notes* Genetics is a lot like the dice game Yahtzee. You try to get sets of numbers to fill your scorecard. Sometimes you can "hold" or "fix" some of the variables by holding some dice before the next roll. It can be amazing how many unseen...
  10. rabbitgeek

    ARBA rabbit show

    Enjoy! Try to wander around and watch as much judging as you can. Remember the judges are not supposed to know whose rabbit they are judging so don't yell to your friend "Your rabbit is over here!" Have a good day!
  11. rabbitgeek

    Rex/Satin Angora Genetics Project

    Doesn't really matter since you'll be culling for body type for a long time before you start worrying about fur type. Most Satin Angora do not have proper body type for meat. What kind of fur are you going to be working toward? Rex or Angora? A breeder taught me to select for (in order of...
  12. rabbitgeek

    Standard Rex and Satin Angora

    RW, IT'S A SIN! MANY RABBITS WILL BURN ON THE BARBECUE FOR YOUR WILLFUL FOLLY! [Sorry, had to get that out of my system] But seriously, Caroline gave you a concise answer as far as what to expect from the first litter. No satin, no rex, no angora. Then you'll be weeding out the Satin and...
  13. rabbitgeek

    how can a rabbit out of pedigreed rabbits not be....

    Stick to your guns, these were not sold as showbunnies. As for the judges. One judge on one day should not be the last word. I've had rabbits disqualified at a show in the morning and win Best Of Breed in the afternoon. And vice versa. And since your rabbit community is so small, try to sell...
  14. rabbitgeek

    do rabbits need to stretch out in their carriers?

    Minimum size for 3 1/2 hours would be okay. That's not long at all. If you can use a cart you may find it useful and more comfortable. Or use a strap to hang the cage on your person. Trying to hold cage by the skinny handle for 1/2 hour would be difficult for me. Have a good day!
  15. rabbitgeek

    American Red Rabbit

    You're right. It was a Thrianta cross. I got the info from Chris: "The kits were born red from day one just like the Thrianta that sired the litter. This is my project and has nothing to do with Jeremy's tort project. The agouti gene is already present in the American gene pool. I just tweaked...
  16. rabbitgeek

    Having a hard time finding meat rabbits....**UPDATE** PICS

    Wonderful bunch of rabbits! A great score! Have a joyful day!
  17. rabbitgeek

    American Red Rabbit

    (photo: Red, White, Blue American rabbits, photo by Allen Mesick used by permission) I saw a picture posted by Alan Mesick on Facebook showing a Red, a White, and a Blue American from Chris Hemp displayed at Crescent City CA rabbit show. The American rabbit breed is one of the rarest in the...
  18. rabbitgeek

    Having a hard time finding meat rabbits....**UPDATE** PICS

    We once drove to Eugene OR (7 hours one way) to buy Satin Angora does because there was nothing closer. We had driven to Sparks NV (2 hrs) the month before to get a Satin Angora buck. Just depends how crazy you want to get. I'll say a prayer for your new rabbits! Have a joyful day!<br /><br...
  19. rabbitgeek

    Having a hard time finding meat rabbits....**UPDATE** PICS

    Have you thought about going to the Texas State Fair and looking for the meat rabbit breeders? I expect that if you can't buy something from a breeder at the fair you may be able to get some names so you can get on a few waiting lists. Have a good day!
  20. rabbitgeek

    Need info on putting rabbits down

    See my article Broomstick Method and other ways know *Warning: This message contains graphic language which may upset sensitive persons.* post9559.html?hilit=broomstick%20rabbitgeek#p9559 I don't turn my rabbits upside down to bonk in the head. I set them on a bench or table then I...