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    Iodine added to water! (Health hack!)

    So many baseless, fear-based "this will likely be bad" statements. No actual scientific understanding, just woo-woo 'we don't understand this so therefor it's bad' statements. A true tragedy of the mind.
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    Sick Rabbits Dying

    Right, which it's not. That's why I care about it and am trying to get others to question
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    Sick Rabbits Dying

    Oh, I love that you brought this up. Will have to bring up a Feng shui rabbit hutch design post soon!
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    Iodine added to water! (Health hack!)

    Hi rabbit fam! I've seen in rabbit circles ACV recommended in water, which I do not oppose. But personally I do the opposite to my water - instead of probiotics I add a sterilizer, even though I don't believe germs cause disease. I don't do it for the sterile effects but rather for the metal...
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    Doe lost whole litter

    Did her nipples have the hair rubbed off? I lost a whole litter of 5 from my previously unproven NZ doe. It was her first litter and she did not produce milk, barely had suckling on her nipples. It was very sad, tried to get the other doe to foster/ wet nurse but she mostly refused to do it on...
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    Coturnix Quail Hatch W/O Turning!

    I recently heard that muscovy ducks are known to roost at night like chickens - does anyone know about that?
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    Hay for rabbits

    Absolutely. Someone on here (I think it was you!) mentioned someone fed their bunnies on corn and they thrived. It's amazing to see. When I first began my rabbit journey I ran into a plethora of misinfo about rabbits being extremely sensitive dietary wise. And I suppose that's true in a lot of...
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    Canned Rabbit

    I drooled! How many times did you have to refill the instapot? One time per two or so jars? TYSM for this post!
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    pen vs clamp tattoo

    I am not bashing, you are triggered. That is understandable and I am sorry to be the cause of you experiencing that. I am cautioning others. He has mis/disinfo that hurt my rabbit journey and set me back a lot. Things like "bucks testicals are always internal" and "rabbits must have pellets"...
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    Sick Rabbits Dying

    Can you show how they are "known" as no bacteria or viruses meet Koch's postulates, they had to change the entire system away from Koch's postulates because they kept finding the opposite of this hypothesis - that germs do not cause symptoms. Symptoms are found without germs, and germs are found...
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    Sick Rabbits Dying

    I'm sorry, and it's totally fine to be too tired to discuss... but "accepted science" is an anti-science term. I'm so sorry to be abrasive, I am trying to share these idea without abrasion. If anyone has suggestions about saying it with more tact I am willing to by held accountable in that way...
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    Dark mode for

    I've been looking throughout the settings. Admittedly, I'm becoming more like a grandma with tech and it's hard for me to have the patience to find, pretty sure I looked everywhere though. Another forum I'm a part of - - has a nice little lightbulb symbol in the upper...
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    Hi coming from UT. Does anyone know about the meat processing laws for Ut?

    I'm looking to set up my rabbit business with the farmers markets. Also lived in UT during 2020, they had the best markets and the best laws (thanks Connor Boyack). But I don't know any specifics and I had thought about the average farmers market customer not going to the meat stalls. Back in...
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    pen vs clamp tattoo

    Watch out for that Bobby guy. His tattoo one was alright, but in his other videos he has so much misinformation which set our rabbit journey back for a long time. I wouldn't trust anything from him.
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    Sick Rabbits Dying

    My first reply wasn't directed to you. But, you understand I'm discussing rabbit sickness.
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    Sick Rabbits Dying

    Since mine is the only voice here with this perspective, and since this realization has helped me invaluably since I discovered and tested it, I feel compelled to share... There's just not enough science to back up the infection/contagion theory of disease spread. In fact, of the science that...
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    Regenerative gardening: swales and berms?

    It is such a good book so far! I'm really impressed, will definately be persuing a hardcover to add to the irl bookshelf. Thanks a million!
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    Feeding alternative diet to Pellets?

    I wasn't aware of this! Fresh alfalfa I assume? As in the sprouts rather than the hay?
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    Creepy! Is there a certain breed of peacock? The ones back in Texas sounded so gentle. Amazed that the chicks sell for so much! I might be getting a breeding pair next year then. Thanks for all the insider info
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    Regenerative gardening: swales and berms?

    So cute and funny that it was a facetious wedding gift that ended up bringing you here! I looked it up yesterday and found there's a free online book on archive, if anyone else wants to read along!