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    Covering cage wire edges?

    Hey folks, after the 23298095th time of jabbing myself on the edge of a cage door, any suggestions on how to best cover up those tiny jaggies? I've trimmed them down best I can but obviously not enough. I've seen pics of some folks' cages with what looks like a little plastic lining over the...
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    Canned Rabbit

    I pressure can my rabbits for cat food (and they LOVE it!). I debone the hind legs and cube the side straps and can the boneless meat in pint jars in my Nesco electric pressure canner -- 6 rabbits worth of meat make 5 pints, and I get 3 cat meals out of each jar (I also mix in half a liver and...
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    Aggressive new mother - think she'll calm down?

    Hey all! I've got a new mother who just had her first litter two weeks ago. It was a rough one for her I think -- she had a single kit the first day and then two more (one stillborn) the next day. The two survivors are doing well, nice and fat and wriggly, just starting to open their eyes...
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    Salut from BC!

    Hey folks! I live on Vancouver Island and I started raising rabbits for meat from a breeding pair I picked up in Jan 2023, and now I've got 4 does and that original buck all doing what they do best (making babies, making messes with their hay, and pooping). I've been lurking RabbitTalk for a...