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  1. eco2pia

    Lethargic mama and wet kits

    Sounds like she is hot, but not stressed by it. just normal rabbit behavior when over warm--stretched out, ears up, head back., and holding still. She is increasing her surface area and decreasing her activity to try to lose heat. The shade will help most likely, and you can always add a frozen...
  2. eco2pia

    Bass floor spreaders

    I took a look at their site. the ends, which are bent, need to be clipped to the walls of the cage I think, by going up thru the floor to the inside of the cage walls. The idea being that by forcing the two walls apart, you are stretching the wire tight, which will stiffen it, just like a tight...
  3. eco2pia

    Not new, but returning!

    I am really impressed that you figured it out.
  4. eco2pia

    Separating kits from their mothers.

    @DHarris This thread is from 2016, but I interpret the referenced post as saying that the kits are weaned to at around 4-6 weeks, and at that time the kits would be put in a grow out cage. It sounds like Rainey chooses the exact format (all in one big cage, or separated in 2 smaller cages)...
  5. eco2pia

    Lethargic mama and wet kits

    Why is she panting? is it hot? at all? Panting like with an open mouth?
  6. eco2pia

    Thinking about it, need some tips from the people that actually know.

    Agree with @tambayo. We have a single local processor who will dress rabbits professionally. If you produce a few litters for your own freezer and feel confident in your profitability numbers and rabbit raising skills, then I would take a few litters to a processor and have them dispatched...
  7. eco2pia

    Kit stuck- emergency in progress.

    Well I hope so too. Bravo getting the kit out though! that was hard to do. Good job. I hope she makes it!
  8. eco2pia

    Kit stuck- emergency in progress.

    Well, apparently this may be a myth. I do know that I have lost "older" does (generally those received at an indeterminate age from a backyard) to their first pregnancy fairly consistently--enough that I have stopped considering breeding a doe if she has not had a successful kindle before I got...
  9. eco2pia

    Kit stuck- emergency in progress.

    As I understand it, their pelvis fuses if they don't have babies before about 2years. I saw feet first and thought about that first but then I saw 3 years old. Let me poke around the internet an be sure I am not feeding you an old wives tale, but I am pretty sure she has to have had a litter...
  10. eco2pia

    Kit stuck- emergency in progress.

    It is my experience and understanding that if a doe has not been bred by the age of 2 it is best not to breed her, ever. They will generally not be able to survive delivery. I am sure there have been exceptions to this rule, but I am equally sure it is a "rule" for a reason. If she ends up only...
  11. eco2pia

    Kit stuck- emergency in progress.

    I hope for your sake she does not have more.
  12. eco2pia

    Kit stuck- emergency in progress.

    I just caught this part. She is not going to make it. I am sorry. You will need to euthanize her. Her pelvis is likely fused and she cannot pass a kit. I am sorry.
  13. eco2pia

    Kit stuck- emergency in progress.

    If you opt to help you can pull gently and at a bit of an angle. kits generally get born head first, it sounds like the shoulders are stuck, so imagine you are trying to ease one shoulder out at a time. Please see below.
  14. eco2pia

    Kit stuck- emergency in progress.

    You are in a no win situation. If you do nothing she will die if she has been in labor for over 2h on one kit. If you try to help she may die anyway. I don't see a down side to trying unless you are able and willing to rush her to an emergency vet who can see her in the next 30 minutes.
  15. eco2pia

    Idiot-Proof Rabbit Nest Box Plans?

    Do they drain? I can't tell, but it looks like the corners of the floor might be clipped, letting liquids out?
  16. eco2pia

    Filthy %^&*^#$(* Scrub Jays

    As an emergency option you could try flash tape and other scare tactics, but it will only hold them off if they see it rarely and only for a few weeks.
  17. eco2pia

    End of day 32 and Doe hasn’t delivered yet

    Best case probably a very cranky and uncomfortable doe. Worst case possibly fighting between buck and doe, and enough stress on a new or poor mother might disrupt her inclination to nest and care for the kits? However I have never had a doe go that long. The buffer mostly just prevents me from...
  18. eco2pia

    Filthy %^&*^#$(* Scrub Jays

    So, it is the kits only they are going after...How many vulnerable litters do you usually have at one time, do you think? I covered my cages with half inch hardware cloth to stop rats...similar type of predators, they don't bother the adults but decimate a whole litter in a single night. I...
  19. eco2pia

    Genetics WWYD

    I use paper. Old school! and google calendar, spreadsheets, or docs as needed. But if you search on here you can find multiple threads detailing the pros and cons of various apps.
  20. eco2pia

    Filthy %^&*^#$(* Scrub Jays

    so awful. My latches did not stop the rats from getting at them from underneath either.