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    Do you have specific criteria for retiring a doe/buck?

    Thank you! That was very helpful. I'm still learning how to judge which are the best to keep. I have five growouts now, that are nine weeks, still figuring out sex, and another five kits that are 5 days old, straight Cali from 2 does.
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    Do you have specific criteria for retiring a doe/buck?

    In order to be worth the cost for feed and care, I need very productive rabbits. I would have a difficult time culling what I become attached to. I knew the day would come, but haven't had to deal with it yet. I think I'll pick the best female out of this last litter, and as long as as my...
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    Do you have specific criteria for retiring a doe/buck?

    Thank you. About what age do you see fertility drop? Do you usually see bucks going longer?
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    Do you have specific criteria for retiring a doe/buck?

    I've got 2 bucks and 2 does. I raise primary for our own meat. We bought an entire rabbitry back in summer of '21, when the breeders were about 2 years old. Everything was a perfect set up. All healthy, buck with papers and does all proven. They are all in the 5 yr range now. Litters are getting...
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    New member, been lurking for a while now…

    Welcome. I'm from Western NY.
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    cuniculi head tilt- cant get panacur

    I know this is a few months old, but I have a pregnant doe due next week that's digging in her hutch like a maniac. Do you think this is a hormonal thing going on.? She is the one that had one kit with head tilt and one sticky eye. Kit was treated with wet drops and Fenbendazole and looking...
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    Unbalanced 17 day old kit

    Kit looks just as healthy as the other kits now at 4 weeks. Just a wee bit of a head tilt. Day 12 of a tiny amount of fenben to kit and pea size to mama. I'm uncertain if I should rebred mama doe. She has no symptoms, never did.
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    Brand new

    Welcome. We homeschooled all the way through with 3 kids, (all grown up now). The kids had a blast with chickens , incorporating farm chores with school. We had very few issues, so long as our coup was secure and we learned basic chicken diseases and dealt with them proactively. We just started...
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    Perferred method of cooking organs for dogs

    Hi . I have 2 little dogs. Whenever i gave them raw beef bones they got bloody diarrhea. I want to make dog food and treats of the leftovers and organs from butchering our meat rabbits and I wanted the forums opinion on how best to do that. I've made a homemade recipe using the meat I pulled...
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    Our favorites are just swapping out any chicken for rabbit casserole dishes. We've had it many other ways on it's own and it's not fatty as I'm use to. Marinating it it Chiavettas bbq marinade is quite tasty though on the grill.
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    Unbalanced 17 day old kit

    I started the wet tail drops. 16 gtts, (according to pkg.) morning and night, but was super difficult to get kit to take it. So by day 3 i stopped and started just a wee bit of Fen Ben. This morning i can hardly tell the kits apart. One eye is slightly squinted, but is looking so much better. Thxs.
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    Not new, but returning!

    I'm learning alot about great characteristic traits when I view your pictures. That's something I know little about. My only yeah, is if I get over a 5lb on processing day! Excellent record keeping! I'm inspiring to be more like that.
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    Unbalanced 17 day old kit

    Thank you I do have a 13 sec. Video above. I will post another if the kit changes. Does Fenben come through the mothers milk, and if so then doesnt all the kits get the antiparisitic?
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    Unbalanced 17 day old kit

    Thank you the reply. I will try to look for the wet tail drops. I was able to get safe-guard equine paste. 25 gram paste 10% 100mg/g. Momma is 8.0 lbs . At 20mg per kg. How much of the paste should I give her? Pictures of momma
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    Unbalanced 17 day old kit

    I only have human fenbendazole in powder form. I dont feel confident to dose that correctly. I have no idea how they contracted this as this is very discouraging keeping everything clean. No signs/symptoms in any of herd and this is this does 10th successful litter. Only thing that's measurable...
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    Unbalanced 17 day old kit

    Looks the same today. I need to clean at treat eyes again. Let me know if you need a better video.
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    Unbalanced 17 day old kit

    Not tilted much, can straighten head. Just walks kinda crooked, not circles. Can kits this young be treated, or just momma doe? I'll try to upload video tomorrow.
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    Unbalanced 17 day old kit

    This kit is from a litter of 5. One was stillborn underdeveloped, so 4 healthy looking kits, all well fed. All eyes opened by day 12, except this one. Cleaned eyes and used some terramycin and looks good on day 17. except now looks like hes unbalanced, head somewhat tilted. What should I be...
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    New Guy!

    Welcome! I'm northeast in western NY. Californians do well here. I breed year round except the hottest month of August.