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  1. J

    What buck to breed with low rufus BO Harlequin doe?

    From the looks of the chocolate on the nose, which is in uneven patches, I think this bunny may already carry a harlequin gene. Tort is recessive to harlequin, so a harlequin buck would work well for you. Since you don't want black kits, why not choose a chocolate harlequin? Your rabbit appears...
  2. J

    Hi everyone!

    It sure can be hard to choose which rabbits to keep, which to cull, and which to sell. Been doing this for over four decades, and it gets harder, not easier! Just love those bunnies.
  3. J

    Interesting kit colour - help?

    I can't see the attachment either, sorry.
  4. J

    What color would you call this?

    Fascinating colors. Okay, so mom is a brindled harlequin, although she does have eye rings (a proper harlequin shouldn't). You can see all the mottling of colors in her coat: dad looks like a dilute blue/fawn tricolor, and mystery baby also has harlequin. Look at the patches of color on his...
  5. J

    New litter!

    Nope. Black babies have bellies and inner ears all the same color--black. But agouti patterned rabbits have lighter bellies, and most noticeable even as newborns--those light inner ears. By the third day, they should look quite white inside the ears. Regular black agouti rabbits (called...
  6. J


    What things in particular?
  7. J

    Help with genotype

    Sounds good.
  8. J

    We lost our whole litter

    Tell me about your rabbit pen. How far apart are the wires? Standard cage sidewalls are 1" x 2" holes, flooring is usually 1/2" x 1". Rats, weasels, and snakes can go right through holes as small as a quarter, and they all love baby bunnies. If predators were getting into the pen, or simply...
  9. J

    Interesting litter

    Fascinating colors
  10. J

    Help with genotype

    Did we determine what the undercolor on the reddish kit was?
  11. J

    Interesting litter

    Okay, Flemish have interesting color names. Translated: Fawn--rich golden straw color, shading to light cream at base Sandy--chestnut brown, brassy reddish intermediate band, slate gray undercoat--aka chestnut or castor agouti Frosty/ermine--(not a showable color, but it occurs when fawn 'ee'...
  12. J

    What color is this doe?

    The eye rings say either tan 'a(t)' or agouti 'A_'. The banding on the ear hair says it is agouti: The silver band says chinchilla or sable. The lighter shading down the sides of the rabbit looks like a sable based color, which would make it a sable chinchilla. That's my guess, anyway.
  13. J

    Help with genotype

    It's actually a high rufus Satin Angora chocolate agouti. This is her at two weeks, just looking like a plain chocolate agouti: Once the high rufus orange bands started to grow in, she ended up looking like a red, didn't she? When you look at the fiber closely, you can still see the chocolate...
  14. J

    What color is this doe?

    Isn't it wonderful! Rabbit Talk said they were working on it, and it looks like they did, woo hoo!
  15. J

    What color is this doe?

    I can see the thumbnails now, but cannot enlarge them to really see the photo. I tried .png in text paste and as a picture with the button to the right of the link button on a test thread, nothing posted. I finally did get a .jpg to load as a thumbnail, using the attach files button on the...
  16. J

    Help with genotype

    Trying again, photos are not showing up on the other threads either. One person got a .jpg through, although when you clicked on it, there was nothing to see. I sure hope Rabbit Talk can get .png pictures to post again, and that the enlarge feature works again. Sure is missed. Here's another try...
  17. J

    Help with genotype

    Fascinating, thanks for the update.
  18. J

    Help with genotype

    This is a high-rufus (out of a red) Satin Angora chocolate agouti. She was born a lovely dark chocolate with the white agouti inner ears, but as the coat grew out the red shade is all you really notice. I looked up to see what the official definition of chocolate agouti was in a non-angora...
  19. J

    Struggling With Heavy Losses

    My mentor taught me this trick over forty years ago, and it still works! Sure is hard to sit quietly while they warm up, but it so amazing to feel those cold, sad lumps start to make the first movements. You'd swear those cold bodies were dead, especially when they were born out on the wire...
  20. J

    Struggling With Heavy Losses

    So sorry to hear of your losses, it's always heartbreaking, no matter how many years you've been doing this. A few questions--can you describe the condition of the dead kits? Were they flattened, like they had been stomped on? Chewed on? Out of the nestbox and chilled? Looking thin and wrinkly...