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  1. Cindy in SD

    Field peas for rabbits?

    Yeah, no kidding on the prices! The field peas should be fine if sprouted (or maybe just soaked) or cooked. Like soybeans, field peas need the enzymes denatured by some sort of cooking, (maybe) fermenting, or sprouting will also do it. I believe the soy is parched to make it suitable for feed...
  2. Cindy in SD


    It’s helpful that you have neighbors who raise meat rabbits, in case you want to go that route. I would have to drive clear across the state to buy meat rabbits, so… For some reason rabbits don’t seem to be a big thing around here. I’ve been butchering my meat muts and I have a large quantity of...
  3. Cindy in SD

    Shed and cages-homemade vs store bought

    If you’re creative, you can probably save money that way. If you go with spec recommended materials (from my research), you’ll end up with lots of extra wire and unless you eventually use it, you’ll spend more on making your own than on buying pre-cut kits online. But, if you can find the cage...
  4. Cindy in SD

    Just wanted to share

    Good on ya! You’re gonna love keeping rabbits, so Congrats!, and don’t be a stranger. ❤️
  5. Cindy in SD

    Hi from N.C

    Love the name! And welcome to RabbitTalk! ❤️
  6. Cindy in SD

    Vorpal rabbit

    I don’t know… just my instinct, but if it were me, I would bury or otherwise discard the corpse. I’m pretty adventurous, but I don’t think I’d eat that rabbit.
  7. Cindy in SD

    Butchering age

    My doggies get meat for snacks & supper and lately it’s been rabbit. Only the rabbit is so much better than the chicken that I’m thinking they’re getting most of the chicken, now that I’ve butchered a bunch of non-laying birds, and will be doing more very soon, as the weather’s supposed to warm...
  8. Cindy in SD

    Butchering age

    I like your take. I’ve been putting mine in a cooler full of cold (well) water. Our well water is seriously cold, living where we do. I also add the ice from the automatic ice maker, which amounts to around a half-gallon bucket. Plus, I dissolve a cup or so of livestock salt and add that, too. I...
  9. Cindy in SD

    Hey from VA!

    Welcome, Justine! Congrats on getting started with bunnies, and welcome to the group! Let’s have some pics of your buns! 😁
  10. Cindy in SD

    My Intensive Rabbit Project Revealed for SHTF and Cost Effective Meat.

    I haven’t had any trouble with my chickens, but the rabbit cages are prolly 2.5ft off the ground, so… Looking at your set-up, you could put another piece of that corrugated plastic under the bottom cage. It would also cause the poo to accumulate in one line (not that the chooks would leave it...
  11. Cindy in SD

    Our first babies!!

    How exciting! Congrats, and well done mama bunny! (And you too, of course!) You’re now an official bunny rancher. 🤣 💕
  12. Cindy in SD

    Trying to get started

    Unless you have better wire options locally than I have, it's easier and more economical to buy the three initial cages you'll need. (Two does & a buck) You can get by with one doe, but you'll be out of business in the cold months I think (or maybe you're not as cold there as I am), and two does...
  13. Cindy in SD

    Why does my rabbit...

    Be content... one of my mama buns likes to take her water dish in her mouth and toss it around the cage. 😏 I use water bottles in summer, but winter, the temps are too cold... again... Already. 🥶
  14. Cindy in SD

    Howdy from WV

    You can also get alum in quantity from Amazon and (I expect) from other online sellers. It's used in pickling, I believe, but not economical to buy in those smaller amounts.
  15. Cindy in SD

    Buck Fertility Boost - What to feed?

    Funny... I haven't seen medicated rabbit feed here (in western South Dakota, USA). A lot of ppl don't want medicated chick starter here either, though, so... I fed my rabbits all summer pretty much exclusively on weeds (mostly Canada thistle, but usually other things, too. Their fave is...
  16. Cindy in SD

    Howdy from WV

    Welcome! And congrats on getting back into bunnies! 🥰
  17. Cindy in SD

    Ear mites please help

    Fascinating! Thanks so much!
  18. Cindy in SD

    Chopped hay, forage for rabbits fed along with pellets.

    My breeders live in my little "barn". I put hay on the top of their cage, which works for any bunny tall enough to reach it, plus it gives them something fun to do. Ppl also buy or make wire hay mangers to fasten to the outside of the cage for bunny to pull the hay through. My problem putting...
  19. Cindy in SD

    Chopped hay, forage for rabbits fed along with pellets.

    Absolutely, let us know! Maybe some enterprising machinist could be coaxed into setting up production for the homesteading market. I did look into pelleting machines, but couldn't justify the cost. They had nothing I could afford, but unfortunately I don't remember specifics. My bunnies love...
  20. Cindy in SD

    Buck Fertility Boost - What to feed?

    If she had stuck kits, I'm pretty sure she'd be dead by now. That sort of thing is an emergency in humans & canines, cows & sheep... You've got me wondering what the coccidiostat is, specifically, and whether that might not be the problem? Also, are your does getting on in years? Mine are...