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    My Baby Cottontail Situation: Should I Try To Put Them Back?

    Update: We took a closer look at the rabbits and one's leg is twisted 90 degrees to the side at it's kneecap.
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    My Baby Cottontail Situation: Should I Try To Put Them Back?

    Hi! My dog had been let out by accident by the children when I was not around and he disturbed a rabbit nest, I've been trying to read what to do and the sources I have found say to put the nest back together and place them back in. Unfortunately I cannot find any of the bedding or fur anywhere...
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    How Do You Get Water To Your Rabbits?

    Thanks, that is very helpful!
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    Question about purebred and crossbred rabbits

    I think they were talking about pedigrees, in order to be a registered 'purebred' there must be no other breeds besides the breed listed of the rabbit in order to be registered (3 generation pedigrees are used). I don't know where you live, but this is the way it is done in the US at least.
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    How Do You Get Water To Your Rabbits?

    The sources I've found say that the hose is the problem. "Drinking from a hose is unsafe unless the hose is rated as safe for drinking. This is because many hoses contain lead, which gets into water that flows through it. Also, water sits in hoses and can breed bacteria." Does running the hose...
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    How Do You Get Water To Your Rabbits?

    I am planning on using stacking cages in a shed (I would be using an automatic watering system) and I am wondering what to use for getting my rabbits water to the shed, originally I was planning on just using a hose, but almost every source I've found says that hose water is bad for animals. So...
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    Political bunnies?

    :pancake: :pancake: I'd vote for them!
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    What rabbit feed to buy? Specifically for Holland Lops.

    When I had my Holland I fed her manna pro and she seemed to have good condition. Can't say on how easy it is to breed as she was never bred. If it helps I will attach a picture. <br /><br /> -- Thu Sep 24, 2020 1:19 pm -- <br /><br /> ... hQS1jXOP1U
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    What breed is my rabbit?

    Sounds like an american chinchilla but it is a somewhat rare breed. Pictures would help greatly.
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    which is better?

    Well if you are looking for a rabbit that will grow out faster the NZ is the tried and true rabbit for that. If you are looking for a rabbit that has a really pretty pelt and you don't mind not having the biggest rabbit then Rex rabbits will do the job well. I also think Rex rabbits are...
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    Rabbitry Website

    Thanks Zass! It's really nice to know that I'm doing something right. Though once I get my own pictures in there I can't exactly guarantee that it will be as good! :lol:
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    Rabbitry Website

    Your website looks great! I really love the color contrast between the pictures and the text! Also thank you!
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    Rabbitry Website

    Hey can you guys check out my rabbitry website and give me some pointers on it? All the photographs are just some samples until I get some actual photos in.
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    Silver or Tan Rabbit?

    Good idea! :)
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    DIY manual Hay Bale Press

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    Silver or Tan Rabbit?

    Yeah I assume so, but I'm thinking I should just go to convention for my silvers and nationals for my tans since I would assume there is more to pick at when you are at contention vs nationals. Buuut, I'm still thinking about it :baby04:
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    Silver or Tan Rabbit?

    So I am going to get Havanas very soon and I am planning on eventually having Tans and Silvers. I am planning on going to one of the breeds national shows and getting stock their and then going to ARBA convention to get the other breed. I am just figuring out what order. This is just a question...
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    Shows I Want To Go To

    I am getting Havana rabbits. Also I WOULD have if it wasn't for corona canceling the shows that I wanted to go to. :x
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    Shows I Want To Go To

    So I haven't gotten my rabbits yet (but we are thinking wendsday to pick them up) I made a list of shows I want to go to once I do have them. Also wondering if anyone else is going to the same shows. Fox Valley Rabbit Club, All Breed Show (1 hour 21 minutes) (show catalog pdf...
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    Do I get more than 1 leg if I win in more than one show?

    Thanks! I always wondered how a single buck from my breeder's (well soon to be's) rabbitry had over 50 legs and about 10 BIS wins! :lol: