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  1. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    Buck with abscess in cheeck

    I'd suggest quarantining them for a while, especially with the mites
  2. RabbitsOfTheCreek


    Same goes for me However, with a new Doe that you don't know if they're bred or not, I'd give them a beatbox for another week or so and see how she's acting
  3. RabbitsOfTheCreek


    For 2., technically any rabbit breed can be used for meat. It's more of a matter of is it worth the work when it could be more profiting (ex. using a bigger breed for meat is better than a small breed, bigger rabbits = more meat and more Kits, whole having more medium-sized rabbits can cut down...
  4. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    My rabbits' eating her own droppings-

    One of my Bucks regularly turns around and put his face to his litterbox after he uses it
  5. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    2 Bred Does But No Babies

    Just leave the nest boxes in for a couple more days and see how it goes If no Kits then 🤷 If they're first-time Does then I wouldn't be very surprised if they didn't have any at all
  6. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    Rabbit with hole in lip and a rabbit with EC?

    Was reminded of this after reading Alaska Satin's comment but one of the Buck's favorite things to do in run around in circles
  7. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    Rabbit with hole in lip and a rabbit with EC?

    Second could have Wry Neck. I have a Buck who's had it since he was a week old, he'll be 4 years old soon and he's had no problems
  8. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    Small buck large doe Holland Lops

    A few years back I had a foster rabbit that was a Lionhead Flemish mix and he was very pretty
  9. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    Rex Buck seems lazy

    Pretty normal for a first time Buck
  10. RabbitsOfTheCreek


    I think I regret reading that article- They got so many things wrong
  11. RabbitsOfTheCreek


    Can confirm, my rabbits can be pretty stupid sometimes 🤣
  12. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    Martenized Himi?

    A day after the show I checked her parents' pedigrees and her father has a Martenized Himi in him I'm planning on breeding her with my youngest Siamese Sable Buck when he's old enough to see if we can get a Sable Marten
  13. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    Sexing 17 day old kits

    Best advice I've gotten/heard is that Does look like tacos and Bucks look like burritos (or volcanos)
  14. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    What could these 2 produce?

    (Rabbits take about 32 days to have Kits, not 40)
  15. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    What could these 2 produce?

    Depends on what's in their pedigrees
  16. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    Rabbit genital lump/sorehocks/broken leg/foot.

    If all these problems start gaining up and she begins having a lot of obvious pain then it would probably be best to just put her down
  17. RabbitsOfTheCreek

    End of day 32 and Doe hasn’t delivered yet

    You should still leave the nest box it for a bit longer If I have a Doe that doesn't have Kits she keeps her nest box for about another week