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  1. ladysown


    I raise holland lops and dwarf rabbits. Both provide my family with sufficient meat.
  2. ladysown

    rabbit has snuffles lactating

    i don't know about the meds, but the kits need to be weaned just before 4 weeks of age in order to hold the immunity from momma's milk. Remove the doe (personally I'd cull her). Move them to a clean cage away from any other rabbits you have. They will STAY away from all other rabbits until...
  3. ladysown

    Small buck large doe Holland Lops

    mine had a fuller mane which I liked more. :)
  4. ladysown

    Small buck large doe Holland Lops

    if they get that complete mane around their head and hold it past their moult.... gorgeous rabbits... with the size and mane. :)
  5. ladysown

    Small buck large doe Holland Lops

    sounds like a success to me. The FUNNIEST breeding I did was a 2 lb lionhead buck with a 12 lb meat doe. :) OH MY.... They were successful and I discovered that large breed rabbits with a full mane around their head (by no means proper looking lionheads) are gorgeous. :)
  6. ladysown

    Butchering age

    you shouldn't be getting tough meat at 12 weeks. It might be your method of cooking. Are you doing slow moist heat?
  7. ladysown

    Wire shelving cage...

    I used coated shelving on the sides of my cages... the rabbits DID NOT ever in four years chew on them. they had opportunity to do so, but just never did.
  8. ladysown


    uh... NO, not all rabbits are smart. :) some are very much lacking in the brain cell department.
  9. ladysown

    Rabbit genital lump/sorehocks/broken leg/foot.

    just so you know, wire doesn't cause sore hocks. Sore hocks is a genetic issue due to poor furring on the feet. Wet conditions can make it worse.
  10. ladysown


    I've used tea bags in the past successfully for eye stuff.
  11. ladysown

    Accessories For Sale 2024 Rabbit Calendar

    I hope you get some good sales. :)
  12. ladysown

    Exciting! Rabbit breakfast sausage.

    I'm trying to figure out how to save this recipe as a starting place. :)
  13. ladysown

    Howdy from WV

    can you use onion skins to colour wool? That would be free as well right?
  14. ladysown

    End of day 32 and Doe hasn’t delivered yet

    Well two things you can do. 1. stand and watch her when she is relaxing and watch her belly. You'll be watching for little bunny kicks. 2. see if you can feel babies in her. :)
  15. ladysown

    New rabbit mom in the Low Sierras

    great to have you join us. I raise mice and rabbits and feed my cats using them. a rabbit only diet won't be the best thing for your poodles as generally feeding a more varied diet is best for critters... the quail will help! :) if you have a small homestead... soon you'll be adding pigs...
  16. ladysown

    End of day 32 and Doe hasn’t delivered yet

    Depends on your herd. In my herd... if they haven't kindled by day 32 they aren't going to and I expose to a buck. IN OTHER HERDS sometimes does delay until day 40. You know your own herd... and this particular doe normally is on day 30... so unless you know beyond a doubt that she's...
  17. ladysown

    A Very Eager Young Buck

    I used to worry about the number of falloffs but have learned once and done. I do not find the more breedings equates with more kits. if the doe is eager and the buck is doing his job it's all good. If they want to do it more than once, I'm fine with that too. :) I just don't fuss if they...
  18. ladysown

    New to this

    yes, you will be fine. Remember low and slow. :)
  19. ladysown

    10-day old kits-yellow messy poop?

    so you have a singleton kit? If so, remove it for one feeding per day OR limit the amount of time it has to drink. OR foster some kits so it has some competition.
  20. ladysown

    10-day old kits-yellow messy poop?

    are you sure that momma isn't peeing on them? But mushy yellow poop isn't a good thing... I"m trying to recall the name of the drug... you use if for staph infections. Does momma have any mastitis?