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  1. jaxmarblebuns

    Sharpie in the "wrong" ear

    I just asked the judges at our state fair show and they said it would count as a fault if it was not pre-approved (sometimes coop numbers are put in the rabbits ears at state, hence why I was asking) and that was the answer they gave me. OP said a “sharpie marke” in the wrong ear. That is not...
  2. jaxmarblebuns

    Sharpie in the "wrong" ear

    It would be considered a fault. A distraction from the over all appearance of the rabbit that will subtract points, but does not result in a disqualification. (Or would be treated the same as pee stains or long toe nails) Rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball should get it out, might need to scrub a...
  3. jaxmarblebuns


    From my understanding the closer related the more pronounced the traits, good or bad. So, if you have two unrelated rabbits lacking in fur density, their off spring could also have the same or worse fur density, or depending on their lineage no problems at all. However, If you take full...
  4. jaxmarblebuns

    Finally Breeding Again.

    We have not been able to breed our rabbits sense about November of last year due to what seemed to be an STD problem that then turned into so much more, its been very hectic. However, it seems everyone has had a clear bill of health for about a month or so now so we are finally breeding again...
  5. jaxmarblebuns

    ARBA Convention Questions

    Yes, the doors should be open to everyone, and all judging is the same. Paying for parking depends on the venue, sometimes you don't even have to do that.
  6. jaxmarblebuns

    Hay for rabbits

    Here is someone who has experienced both hay and no hay diets explaining their experience To add to this my experience is similar. I have had rabbits for a little over 15 years and have never fed hay in their every day diet (I’ll feed hay as a treat avenging once every 3-5 months, mostly huts...
  7. jaxmarblebuns

    Q & A

    I am not super well versed in natural preventatives, as we have never really had to deal with mite/fleas in the past. However, in the last three years mites have been going crazy across my entire state thanks to record heat. You can use revolution for dogs, in the USA it is only prescription...
  8. jaxmarblebuns

    Weaning tips?

    I always free feed pellets (with 18% protein) to rabbits under 5 months, pregnant does, and does with litters. A lot of people do say to feed alfalfa to rabbits under 6 months for the extra calcium. I personally have never done this and they seem to grow just fine on the unlimited pellets.
  9. jaxmarblebuns

    Q & A

    I'm bored again and have nothing better to do, so I'm "opening this back up." Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge. See first post in the thread for more info on me/my knowledge base.
  10. jaxmarblebuns

    Show me your hutches!

    This is our current setup, we originally started with just the white hutch which used to be three holes, our original three rabbits didn't work out, we took a few years to really start up our rabbitry at which point we had acquired the four holes and a lot more supplies. We have now been...
  11. jaxmarblebuns

    Netherland Dwarf - Neutering Question

    The sporadic running behavior is known as “zoomies” and is a happy sprint, along with a movement called a “binky” this behavior takes place when they are at their happiest. There really isn’t a way to stop this unless you purposefully make them depressed, but that’s obviously not very ethical...
  12. jaxmarblebuns

    pen vs clamp tattoo

    I have been tattooing for about 6 years, I haven't tried many different types of pens, maybe only 3-5, just whatever my friends had brought to shows. But out of the one I have tried I like the original one I started with best, it may just be because that’s what I got used to first, or maybe it...
  13. jaxmarblebuns

    Anyone use minilops for meat?

    As someone who had rex for about 8 years, I can confirm all of this is true. They also have AMAZING temperaments for both the buck AND does (something I've found is usually a one or the other sort of thing, usually supper sweet bucks and terrible does, or vice versa, but never really both). They...
  14. jaxmarblebuns

    Impacted scent glands??

    Sounds like it could be infected, though it may just be irritated. The swelling/hardness could take a while to go down. I would put some tea tree oil on it for an antiseptic and just check on it daily. Make sure his cage is clean, if he's on bedding ether remove it or change it daily.
  15. jaxmarblebuns

    Rabbit Names

    All of mine get names. We usually pick a "theme", like a movie, band, book, TV series, etc. and pick names from that. We have done 1-D, Voltron, State ferries, the Beatles, and many MANY more. Some will get odd ball names off of their personalities, (like Tom, my showmanship/first pet rabbit...
  16. jaxmarblebuns

    Anyone use oil drip pans?

    I never though of this. If I were to do this I would use wood pellets instead of shavings, their absorption and and stink control is amazing. I have one rabbit who uses a litter box, I only have to use about a pint and change it every 3-5 days. 3 days is ideal, but I can leave it till 5 days and...
  17. jaxmarblebuns

    Where to get floor wire

    Yes i am that was my bad (didn't even think of that oops)
  18. jaxmarblebuns

    Please consider this...

    "There are multitudes of backyard and commercial breeders that do not care for their rabbits properly" A breeder that breeds to exploit and gain profit (contrary to popular beliefs there is very little to know profit in this industry) will absolutely do this, but not a breeder who breeds to...
  19. jaxmarblebuns

    Where to get floor wire

    This brand is a rabbit breeder favorite for a more expensive but defiantly worth the extra pennies route bass equipment or kw cages as long as it is galvanized after weld, and at least 16-14 gauge (as you stated) then it should work. I would keep my eye out on amazon, sometimes you can find...
  20. jaxmarblebuns

    Help sexing kit

    Bucks penises can take up to 12 weeks or more to fully "close". This looks like a healthy 8 week old boy to me.