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  1. Robochelle

    Bragging about my latest rabbit tractor

    Okay, so after a full summer of testing, the original design works for full grown buns. (Except one houdini, and it took him all summer to figure it out) We added another layer of 2x4 fencing, sideways, for 2x2 holes in a second structure. Works for grow outs after reaching half-size, had...
  2. Robochelle

    I will regret breeding the escapees, but they're so healthy!

    After 6 days of gallivanting, I've caught the buck who escaped somehow-- don't know how, none of the other 3 in that hutch escaped, all 4 have been in it since spring. This buck survived on our farm, where we've spotted a fox barely more than a month ago. He outsmarted all the traps we could...
  3. Robochelle

    Possible E. cuniculi, maybe cataracts, need help! Orphan bottle babies.

    Keep an eye on the muscles either side of his lower spine, if they're thinner he needs the nutrients he's not getting from the milk. If he won't take milk but still eating solids and drinking water, I suggest immediately start feeding him as many high fat high protein treats as he is willing to...
  4. Robochelle

    Male rabbit with babies.

    Since you mentioned his looking at the babies, Something to consider once babies are walking on their own, he might enjoy a visit. I've noticed that some bucks-- and I don't neuter so this is despite hormones-- are charmed and caring to pre-adolescent bunnies and will enjoy a visit and groom...
  5. Robochelle

    Field bindweed, and Kochia weed

    So, as someone who wasn't planting morning glory because I didn't want accidental poisoning, as long as I don't grow it as feed it's not deadly in terms of accidental ingestion? If I pull the vine before it seeds, do I still risk serious illness or is a tummyache the more likely scenario? What...
  6. Robochelle

    Possible color?

    As someone who just got harlequin in my line, I wasn't aware you could see it as a partial recessive. Looking at the above photos, I don't see stripes and the face doesn't look like it's split colors left-and right... this is what I've assumed are the patterns of harlequin, so what am I...
  7. Robochelle

    Advice is it normal to have litter of 1 baby

    Make sure to leave her nest alone for at least 3 days, even if you think she's done and none survived... apparently when stressed she can delay birthing for days- found that out this winter. I'm glad that I brought my doe in after seeing the one dead, she was outside because I didn't expect...
  8. Robochelle

    Something Is Off w/ My Pet Rabbit.

    Absolutely, but you do need to be careful about overfeeding; pineapple has a lot of sugar. Giving as treats on occasion is the better way to go. I give a bit of fresh pineapple when they are on sale at the store, and keep frozen on hand for emergencies- as well as cartons of juice. One thing I...
  9. Robochelle

    Something Is Off w/ My Pet Rabbit.

    Here are the tricks: Give him fresh or frozen pineapple, if he won't eat it add pineapple juice to his water half and half or less. The enzymes in pineapple will help break down the blockage. Canned and dried pineapple don't work. Let him run and jump, a fenced lawn will motivate best, but...
  10. Robochelle

    Himalayan rabbit with Steel gene looks like?

    To my understanding, the white of the Himalayan acts like the REW, but is turned off if the skin gets cold. I've learned that this winter when I had seemingly impossible coloring in, incidentally, that same litter I referenced earlier. I can try to find the thread, if I do I'll edit to link...
  11. Robochelle


    I can verify that it does, I've used it and the fleas were gone.
  12. Robochelle

    Himalayan rabbit with Steel gene looks like?

    I think fluffle is asking, not about steel tip coloring, but about the double steel. Where with 2 steel genes, it just shows black - even an agouti looks like a black self. I think you won't be able to conclude that the steel gene is the cause until you breed more from either parent- both of...
  13. Robochelle

    Nest Box Eye

    I believe the idea is to breed the healthiest rabbits so that they will have the healthiest babies... if you bred a bunny that is weak to eye infection, those genes would be passed to the offspring
  14. Robochelle

    I Need Fair Theme Deco Ideas For The Rabbit Barn

    Got any kits? A baby rabbit in a milk glass, scrapbook it counting weeks instead months like the human baby trends
  15. Robochelle

    Help young buck doesn't do his job

    He may have a type, and she's just not attractive to him. I have a buck that has finally caught on, and will do the deed just to make the human take her away. When he started, he was only enthusiastic about one doe. We eventually made it work by the attractive one visiting but not allowed to...
  16. Robochelle

    Feeding alternative diet to Pellets?

    I'm curious if they know to avoid the apple seeds
  17. Robochelle

    Feeding alternative diet to Pellets?

    They get pudgy and become picky about the treats they accept. Beautiful fur, though!
  18. Robochelle

    Exhausting, ideas?

    Get some nettle for milk production, I swear by it. Also, if they're dying from cold, get one of those heating pads for pets, and put it under half the nesting box. I'd suggest comparing her nesting material to others, it could be she's not pulling enough fur, or that it's distributed badly...
  19. Robochelle

    What has red eyes and banded fur?

    I'm betting it's the Himalayan getting cold. There was one escapee from the kindle box the week before we noticed his color. I have few questions, so I can get a better understanding: Would the cold also be the explanation behind the black tail vs the light grey bands? Does the color...
  20. Robochelle

    Picking a Breed and Seller for Starting Out (Pics)

    Hmm, you don't want him so hot he's panting if you can help it, especially in the winter. We get similar extremes in the fall and spring, but it seems he's been living inside, or at least in a semi-heated space beforeyou got him. If he's shivering, it's too cold for him without a heat source...