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  1. Preitler

    Sprayed legs?

    If she gets around, and you're just breeding for meat with no intention to keep (or worse - give away) any offspring, I would give her a go and see how she does.
  2. Preitler

    Vulva colors?

    I don't think it's such an exact science, lots of things comming into play like lighting, social stuff, temperatures etc. I never saw much difference anyhow - I go by behaviour. My buck is upstairs in the front yard, when a doe lounges at the gate at the top of the stairs it's the perfect time...
  3. Preitler

    Keeping kits warm. Anyone else have this problem?

    I closed use wooden nest boxes, with just one opening, in winter I put a heating element (12V/10W silicon heating pad connected to an adjustable power supply) under one back corner of the box, appr. 3-5W do the job nicely with the floor being appr. 2cm boards. I also stuff some hay in the...
  4. Preitler

    Need Advice -kits born outside the box.

    Sometimes things just go wrong, had a kit get stuck behind the nestbox, one got out and into a rat trap, and the trap was there because a rat killed 5 out of 6 in a litter once. Then there was the occasional runt that didn't make it, but overall I had not many losses. Imo you can't really plan...
  5. Preitler

    Need Advice -kits born outside the box.

    Hm, my breeding does have 1-2 (rarely 3) litters per year, and remain active up to 5-6 years, Fury even had her last litter at 7. Litter sizes got smaller with age, but I rather have smaller, but more litters. I'm sure that depends on lines, mine are just random mutts.
  6. Preitler

    Need Advice -kits born outside the box.

    Time tells. After some iterations over 11 years I ended up keeping at least 2 breeding does - because there always can happen something, and two retired ones, all living together now. Plus my buck and his spayed cuddlebun. No single rabbits (maybe an overcompensation since I'm single), that's...
  7. Preitler

    Shhhh Rabbits

    Hm, noise doesn't bother my rabbits, nothing that is loud is dangerous. Most don't really like visitors, but that varies from person to person, that's quite interesting.
  8. Preitler

    New from KY

    About that age thing, I have to seperate males and femals at about 12 weeks, that's one thing to be very cautious about, check genders several times, every week. Misgendering is one of the most common mistakes breeders - new and experienced ones - make. Redundancy helps, I'm lucky to have 2...
  9. Preitler

    New Member

    So, you're planning to breed for meat? Would your granddaughter be involved with that (definitly would be a great project if she's into that). Getting rabbits with one colour, that will only produce one colour, is a great move, when all the kits look alike it's way less likely to get attached...
  10. Preitler

    New from KY

    Hi :) What's the weight of your rabbits, adult and offspring? It's quite a challenge to get rabbits to a butcher weight of 10lbs in 10 weeks, can be done with the right rabbits, right feed (depending on what your rabbits can make good use of), environment and setup. At least I've heard that :D...
  11. Preitler

    6 kits. A zillion questions

    Broken means a pattern of coloured parts and white. The color genes are en/EN I think, with en/en the rabbit is solid, fully colored, en/EN is broken (like Checkered Giants, English Spots etc.), and a set of EN/EN produces Charlies, mostly white rabbits with a little colour (less than 10%). How...
  12. Preitler

    6 kits. A zillion questions

    1.: Yes, can be normal. 2.: There can be size differences, keep an eye on the smaller ones, if they get fed. But this is a rather small litter, they should be fine. 3.: I'm not good at math to calculate the probability of that outcome, but for every kit the chances are 50/50 for m/f, regardless...
  13. Preitler

    Canned Rabbit

    Cool. All I 've heard about smoking rabbit was that it get's mushy. It's great to know that it's worth a try :) I've got an old smoker on my premise, an underground fire pit connnected by a 3-4m tunnel to a wooden, iron clad box where you would hang the meat, wasn't used for many decades, but...
  14. Preitler

    Sick Rabbits Dying

    If I keep saying, friendly and quietly, "the earth is flat, just look on the horizon", it's pointless to discuss that with me if I just keep doing it. That is the tiring aspect, everyone correcting me would waste his/her time since every try would be my reward. I would be stealing the lifetime...
  15. Preitler

    Hay for rabbits

    I see my rabbits nibble on odd stuff now and then, they are pretty good at learning what helps, and what not. Activated charcoal is used to capture toxins in the digestive tract, I would use that if there is an acute problem of that kind (rare), normal charcoal isn't that effective. Although...
  16. Preitler

    Iodine added to water! (Health hack!)

    I don't think this is a good idea at all, or does what you think it does. Also I'm sure you're wrong about germs not to be the cause of diseases. Sure, toxins are a cause too, and stress too can compromise the immun system. Aluminium is under scrutiny for some things, like contributing to...
  17. Preitler

    One Bun or Two?

    What do you plan to breed for, meat, fur, pets? When I started raising rabbits I did it old style, small hutches, single rabbits. I quickly realized that they are social animals, and have a lot more potential then most give them credit for or have any use for in the lifestock role. Now I do...
  18. Preitler

    Too many kits for mom to care for?

    Downsizing a litter is no concept rabbits have, and 11 is a lot but not too much. I too would think that there's something making her hop in when her mind is preoccupied, like something spooking her. With chickens around I also would set a camera or traps to check for rats, just to be sure...
  19. Preitler

    Doe lost whole litter

    She's still under remote control from her hormones, I would just let her act out her urges. I don't think mastitis is likely, but maybe feeding some mint might help a little to reduce milk flow,
  20. Preitler

    Sick Rabbits Dying

    I agree that you should seperate all of them as good as possible from each other, no matter if there are symptoms or not. remember all those Pandemic proceedures, washing hands and if possible changing clothes? Good opportunity to practice that now. Cayenne isn't going to stop anything serious...