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  1. eco2pia

    Possible E. cuniculi, maybe cataracts, need help! Orphan bottle babies.

    rabbits open their eyes at about 10 days, so why not calculate from there?
  2. eco2pia

    Rabbit proof floor in colony

    has anyone tried a solid rodent wall (2 foot vertical buried perimeter wall) and a simple wire over soil floor? I guess the wire would eventually rust out...I have considered the rodent wall for my chicken coop run, but I was worried about destabilizing an existing structure. Our soil is...
  3. eco2pia

    Need Advice -kits born outside the box.

    In that case maybe try to foster. I have heard some people pull both nest boxes inside at night, put younger babies in with the good mom first so that she feeds them and then let the older babies nurse second. Others have held moms and set the babies on her belly so that she gets the idea...I...
  4. eco2pia

    Need Advice -kits born outside the box.

    Have the babies been fed at all that you can tell? If they have, I would give her one night. She doesn't have to hang out in the box with the babies, if they have hay and fur with them they will burrow in and be fine. Some moms won't go to the nest when you are there, some wont feed if you are...
  5. eco2pia

    Yay us! And a question…

    To be honest, I have never caught my moms in the act unless something went terribly wrong. My moms seem to prefer delivering at midnight, I just show up in the morning when there is a pile of moving fluff in the nest. For all I know, it could be incredibly common, but given what I know about...
  6. eco2pia

    Muppet's first harvest (danger, gratuitous cuteness)

    My first real harvest from my first real angora. Part of it anyway. I wanted to take a picture of the pile of wool next to the rabbit but the dog decided to photobomb and I thought it was cute. The rabbit is not afraid of him at all, and he seems to think this rabbit is a kitty, not for eating...
  7. eco2pia

    Sick Rabbits Dying

    Unless the respiratory disease is being exacerbated by a case of lungworm (Nematode genus, and not totally unreasonable to expect that humans could have indeed come in contact in regions where it is endemic), Ivermectin has no reason to directly have an effect on viruses or bacteria. However if...
  8. eco2pia

    Tri or Charlie

    If your buck is a cali white, and you want to keep getting brokens, you should keep a broken. Your buck may not carry broken, likely your doe does.
  9. eco2pia

    Is there such a thing as 12 gauge cage wire?

    I used these shelves as my floors, the bars are a little too wide for kit feet but there is zero sag. I am not a small woman and I can climb in and sit in my cages to do repairs. They do rust eventually, but not in a structural way. Nothing but stainless steel holds up to rabbit urine. My kits...
  10. eco2pia

    Shhhh Rabbits

    you could run a radio when you are not in the barn....just for desensitization. a little chaos makes for calmer steadier bunnies, that has to be good for them.
  11. eco2pia

    New from KY

    I had the same thing happen with dogs when I first started. For wire floored hutches, I add a second floor, with 1 x 2 wire six inches below the first.
  12. eco2pia

    Meat Rabbit Diet

    I tested it out recently. It seems...fine? I am realizing I am spoiled by being able to get locally milled food sometimes. I am always amazed when other pellet brands are not green. I don't know if that is because they sit around at the feed store, or because the local mill adds more/fresher...
  13. eco2pia

    One Bun or Two?

    dogs are social animals. they live in packs. Most people have one. also Parrots are social animals who live in flocks. Most pet birds are, in fact. Again, many people have just one. It is perfectly fine to have one rabbit, but you would probably want to recognize that without a whole group of...
  14. eco2pia

    New from KY

    this is fine, but if you have made the effort to search and still are not finding what you need, please don't hesitate to make new threads! Some people like to have all their stuff together, and have a long running thread almost like a blog, but if you have a question it might get more attention...
  15. eco2pia

    New from KY

    I would say that you could increase the pellet ration for the kits if you want them to hurry up, but it will increase your cost of course, so sometimes faster is not actually better. I tend to aim for about 12 weeks in theory, but I might go to 15 if I get busy.
  16. eco2pia

    where would you add a new breeding pair

    My strategy has also been simpler, I just swap out my buck for unrelated every 2-3 generations or so. I am breeding purely for meat at the moment, however so I am not super concerned with mistakes. In essence that would be at about D&F as you propose, so I think that is a great strategy.
  17. eco2pia

    New Member

    Welcome! There are lots of great resources here, both old posts and new input. congrats on the new hobby!
  18. eco2pia

    Okay i just had the thought would this cross be good?

    It very much depends on the cross. NZ have been bred for generations to make meat. If you had straight NZ you would get more meat than if you crossed them on a dutch rabbit for instance. However I have raised American chinchillas and NZ red rabbits, and my NZR grew to butcher weight faster...
  19. eco2pia

    ARBA Convention Questions

    No worries!! I made the title "ARBA convention questions", so that anyone with insider knowledge will see it!
  20. eco2pia

    ARBA Convention Questions

    I am sorry for the dumb questions but which rabbit convention are you talking about? Where will it be located? Is there a website? I just have not heard of it and "rabbit convention" seems like a really general name-maybe you mean the ARBA convention oct 7-11? I mean, that seems logical but I...