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  1. MnCanary

    Rabbit versus chickenwire

    I had a hawk get into my pigeon loft once, through an open door. My little son knew something was wrong, so he shut the door! Lots of disruption in that loft, as you can imagine, and the hawk had a nice meal. The next morning, the hawk was standing near the door, waiting for the cafe to...
  2. MnCanary

    Basic hutch questions from a newbie

    I made a hay rack with coated wire. It was just a hay rack in one corner of the pen, but within a few days the rabbits were chewing the coating off. Coated wire isn't normally suggested for rabbits.
  3. MnCanary

    Nesting Boxes

    I've never understood WHY people take the nest box out. Is it only so there is more room in the cage? Or is it because it starts getting used as a litter box? I have pens, not cages, so room isn't the problem. I do clean the nest box once in a while, but I don't seem to find it being...
  4. MnCanary

    Animal Wanted ISO Rabbits in Kentucky

    I'm on several Facebook groups, with different hobbies, and I haven't run into scammers.
  5. MnCanary

    Animal Wanted ISO Rabbits in Kentucky

    The ARBA National Rabbit show will be in Louisville KY this fall (October) and also in the fall of 2024. That is a wonderful opportunity to buy very good rabbits--lots of breeders sell rabbits there. Contact the national clubs for the breeds you want, they will put you in touch with other...
  6. MnCanary

    Is the “House Rabbit” diet Reputable?

    I always have a problem getting past this: pellets supply vitamins / minerals based on the amount a rabbit eats when pellets is the only food supplied. As soon as extras are introduced (fodder, extra types of hay, branches, vegetables etc) then the vitamin / mineral supply is diluted...
  7. MnCanary

    Help figuring out how much pellets to feed

    That is good information. I hadn't considered the difference between rabbit mutts and meat-type rabbits that are selected for more meat. Thanks!
  8. MnCanary

    Help figuring out how much pellets to feed

    I'm curious if rabbits in a colony actually end up overweight or underweight. Most of my adult rabbits are in semi-colonies (pens with 2 or 3 rabbits) and I don't seem to have overweight rabbits. I am judging that by feeling the rabbits, as I haven't dressed out an adult rabbit in quite a...
  9. MnCanary

    Is there definitive dosage recommendations for Ivermectin?

    Thanks for that math help! Or, maybe this is arithmetic, I'm not even sure of that. So, the injectable 1% solution would be 10 mg / ml. And the pour-on is 5 mg / ml. So using these materials straight from the bottle would mean that using pour-on would be 1/2 the strength of using...
  10. MnCanary

    Is there definitive dosage recommendations for Ivermectin?

    That was very useful, thanks. I am still leery of the statement that the dosage using injectable (.01 ml per lb of rabbit) is the same as the dosage using pour-on. Injectable ivermectin is a 1% solution. Pour-on ivermetin is 5 mg per ml, straight from the container. I do not know enough...
  11. MnCanary

    Is there definitive dosage recommendations for Ivermectin?

    Here and on other rabbit forums, people throw around the word "ivermectin" pretty loosely. There are several different formulations (oral, injectable) and intended uses (cattle, pigs, sheep etc). All these different products can't all have the same dosage for rabbits, can they? (I know we're...
  12. MnCanary

    Language of Lagomorphs

    This isn't quite what you're asking for--I'd like to see the information on the link from 2012 as well! But it might help:
  13. MnCanary

    Fruit flies and Fodder

    I'd guess you have fungus gnats--they like moist areas. You can tell by using just a hand lens and comparing them to fruit fly / fungus gnat photos online. There are nematodes that wreck havoc on fungus gnats. These are very available on the internet. The nematodes are microscopic. They...
  14. MnCanary

    Meat rabbit housing and some other questions

    My rabbits are in trouble if pine shavings are toxic
  15. MnCanary

    Meat rabbit housing and some other questions

    I sometimes have straw, but not always. My first choice is the wood shavings, mostly because it works and also it is easier to use in the garden.
  16. MnCanary

    Meat rabbit housing and some other questions

    I don't keep does together, they each get their own pen. I read that some people keep does together but that it takes a large space--they say 50 square feet per doe.
  17. MnCanary

    Meat rabbit housing and some other questions

    Mostly wood shavings. There is a local company here that produces poplar shavings, so they are inexpensive. If I have straw for bedding, then I use wood shavings daily to cover the wet areas.
  18. MnCanary

    Meat rabbit housing and some other questions

    Keeping rabbits in a pen is, in my opinion, the best of both worlds. Sort of a cage, and sort of a colony. My suggestion would be to provide more nest boxes than you have does--so they can choose and not squabble. And to keep the buck in a separate pen or cage so you can control the breeding...
  19. MnCanary

    Help figuring out how much pellets to feed

    My rabbits have quite a bit of space, in pens of about 48 square feet per doe One doe per pen. I keep their pellet dishes full, and they also have however much straw they want to eat (I don't have access to hay). They have 3-4 litters per year. I find some fat, but I don't find extra fat on...
  20. MnCanary

    Goat feed for rabbits

    17-20% fiber in the goat feed isn't bad--lots of rabbit pellet brands are in that range. The 10% fiber in the sheep feed is way too low. What jumped at me is the vitamin A. Those are many times the vitamin A levels that are found in rabbit pellets. Over-dosing added vitamin A can cause...