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  1. Charliehooks

    Goat feed for rabbits

    The top pic is rabbit feed only available in other provinces and the bottom is the goat feed I'm considering
  2. Charliehooks

    Goat feed for rabbits

    So look at the ingredients and nutrient analysis of goat feed and rabbit feed and the only downfall is the fiber %. If I supplemented with sunflower seeds for fiber would that be enough? The feed I'm after is 17% protein min. and Im doing it because its cheaper and also they have 20% goat feed...
  3. Charliehooks

    How to stop/minimize this

    Rabbit poo too large for the holes and if I don't catch it quick enough it's a sucky pile to clean up. I feed all pellets and it seems to only be a problem during dry off periods
  4. Charliehooks

    Colony for the summer

    Yes I'm thinking 2 10x20 areas and I sell them live weight so it sounds like it might be a good venture..I mainly want to feed more hay since I won't have to worry about it clogging up my cages and get a small boost off my already 13 doe setup
  5. Charliehooks

    Colony for the summer

    I'm thinking about putting 20 does and 2 bucks in a colony outside for the summer months (may - October) how many kits could I expect from that time?
  6. Charliehooks

    New Mother not Nursing

    Rabbits I. The wild will dig a small hole then cover it with grass and other things to mask it..she's doing the same thing and would probably like to go through the holes she should be able to unblock what she's put in the pipes no problem
  7. Charliehooks

    Buck biting fur off back of does' necks

    Happens all the time with mine too looks like there's no real harm done to the doe..I guess some like their hair pulled
  8. Charliehooks

    Low kindling numbers

    Having trouble lately with kindling number with an average of 3-5 kits per litter when I was getting steady 8-10 earlier in the year. I'm free feeding pregnant and nursing does and their weights look good I'm rebreeding 7-10 days from birth depending on litter size and the pellets are 17%...
  9. Charliehooks

    Where to buy

    Wondering if there's any breeders in Ontario with great by the book meat rabbits I'm talking built full meaty rabbits
  10. Charliehooks

    Pump for water filled trays

    A lot of my trays are filling with water since installing the automatic watering system. Does anybody have a good pump that can pump this water through a small hose into a bucket? I've tried a couple but they all get clogged with fur or manure.
  11. Charliehooks

    15+ kits milk prod.

    Doe had 15+ kits the other night (didn't want to disturb the NB too much) how can I help her produce as much milk as possible? No other does are due any time soon
  12. Charliehooks

    Dirty fryers

    They were clean enough I guess this time thank-you for the tips I'll be using them again
  13. Charliehooks

    Dirty fryers

    So they're going today what would be the fastest way to clean them up without hurting them? They'll be processed in max 2 days so do I really have to worry about the after effects of not washing them properly (of course still making sure they're bone dry after) have 8 rabbits to clean
  14. Charliehooks

    Light schedule for faster growth

    I heard some animal raisers leave the lights on 24/7 for faster growth. Wondering if rabbits are more active at night would they have faster growth if you have them less light and more darkness?
  15. Charliehooks

    Dirty fryers

    It's little shits all over I'll get a picture tonight..they were in a crowded cage so I'm making bigger ones rn for the fryers but even another cage with mom turned brown out of nowhere
  16. Charliehooks

    Dirty fryers

    They're metal floors but they keep somehow piling shit on-top of pulled hay and having a dance party on-top of it...thank-you for the advice
  17. Charliehooks

    Dirty fryers

    My fryers got rejected from the processor the other week because they're too dirty (I'm very new) after a week they haven't really cleaned up much there's still impacted feces in their fur..trued some rabbit shampoo and combing and it's not working too well (there's 8 of them) how to I get them...
  18. Charliehooks

    Cleaning rabbits

    I have a litter of rabbits with dried poo in their fur and I don't think they can groom themselves out of it..what are good tools/ways to get them cleaned up?
  19. Charliehooks

    Wet rabbits?

    Came home today and one fryer cage is full of soaking wet bunny' someone sprayed them down with a hose kind of wet..what could this be from it's not as hot as other days and they were fine then...the waterer isn't spraying, it's just their cage what could this be from?