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  1. JOhn B

    Magic Scraper- KW Cages

    @RabbitsOfTheCreek Thi0s looks like a grill cleaner brush.
  2. JOhn B

    Do you use compressed hay?

    ok, not sure the impact on a rabbit's fragile digestive system, but in humans it is used to detox/cleanse system. Never tried it but Dr. Burge has some videos about it.
  3. JOhn B

    Anyone make there own hay?

    Get you a scythe. They make attachments to power tools. They are like hedge clippers but for grass. Here is an example. Reel mowers worked better with short grass. Not sure how it would cut something...
  4. JOhn B

    I need recipe names

  5. JOhn B

    Animal Wanted Looking for NZW

    Anyone know of any NZW breeders in the Atlanta Georgia area?
  6. JOhn B

    Timothy Hay

    I have a hard time finding quality timothy hay in my area, but there is a lot of orchard/grass hay that people use for horses. Is there any reason why I can't use it?
  7. JOhn B

    Mulching manure

    Ok, I thought I misread something. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. JOhn B

    Mulching manure

    Do worms keep ants away? Did not know that.
  9. JOhn B

    Watering system

    It's called a frost free farm spigot. When you pull the handle up, a plunger opens at the bottom (in the ground) and water comes out.
  10. JOhn B

    Timothy Hay

    Is this what you are referring to?
  11. JOhn B

    Nest box hay

    Why is too much alfalfa bad? Most pellets are alfalfa. Is it because they get too fat?
  12. JOhn B

    Do you use compressed hay?

    What is your intended use for Bentonite clay. It's in a lot of cat litter.
  13. JOhn B

    How much Feed??

    Thanks for the recommendation. I may try that.
  14. JOhn B

    How much Feed??

  15. JOhn B

    How much Feed??

    I guess I will start with a cup per day (using 16%, since it's really hard to find 18% at any of the local feed stores). If there is any left over feed by the next feeding, I will adjust. Once dispatched, I will adjust.
  16. JOhn B

    How much Feed??

    Thanks @sweeethearts_2002 . I plan on breeding for meat right now. Maybe sell a few to cover feed cost.
  17. JOhn B


    Welcome @Penny Lane
  18. JOhn B

    Feeders and water - Meat Rabbits

    Thanks @KelleyBee . I will go ahead and and get the larger feeders for the grow out and keep the 5" for the does and buck. I am going to go with the bottles for now. Any brand I should stay away from? Have you tried the flip tops?
  19. JOhn B

    Animal Wanted Looking for NZW

    Any NZW breeders in Georgia, west of Atlanta? Looking to buy a trio.
  20. JOhn B

    Timothy Hay

    Are there good online suppliers of Timothy hay? Do local feed stores usually carry timothy hay? How much should I expect the rabbits to consume in a week if free feeding? Are there things in some brands to avoid?