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  1. SableSteel

    Strange (to Me) Kit 🐰

    A bit late, but that happens all the time if they get pee or fluids stuck to them when they are younger... their skin grows faster than the fur get itself clean so you see stripes of clean fur and dirty fur
  2. SableSteel

    Help me evaluate my new Polish!

    Both those bucks in the most recent pictures are overposed. You can't tell their structure from those pictures. Of the original pictures, my favorite is the broken black doe. Broken blue doe is nice as well. I wouldn't worry about the dewlap. Brood does just get that with age. Definitely my...
  3. SableSteel

    Just joined.

    Welcome. She's cute
  4. SableSteel

    What color is my Mini Lop

    Looks more like a broken sable chinchilla to me
  5. SableSteel


    Tort otter
  6. SableSteel

    Hello from Flagstaff, AZ

    Welcome! I am in southern arizona. Stillborn kits and peanuts are very common in holland lops.
  7. SableSteel

    Rabbit Hutch/Cage Wire Size for FLOOR

    Like, you want the narrower slots of the cage wire to be on the top. If you were looking at the floor wire from the top: You can see in this picture how the closer together wires with the 1/2" gaps is on the top where they intersect. This is better, as it more evenly distributes weight and can...
  8. SableSteel

    Rabbit Hutch/Cage Wire Size for FLOOR

    1"x 1/2" is the standard for cage floor wire. Galvanized after welding is usually preferred for rabbit cages. If you are building cages you want to make sure that the side with the 1/2" gaps is at the top so that the rabbits weight is more evenly distributed.
  9. SableSteel

    Help with chinchilla Mini Lop Show standards

    You might want to make your own thread, but in mini lops you can breed pretty much any color together. Chinchilla x black is fine. Chestnut is the most likely color; unless the black is a hidden steel (which is common in mini lops), then steels are common too
  10. SableSteel

    What happens if my Charlie bred with my tri tortie mini rex

    Charlies and False charlies look the same but False charlies are genetically broken (so they can throw selfs)
  11. SableSteel

    What is this Yoda like breed?

    That just looks like a new zealand white with weak ear carriage to me.
  12. SableSteel

    Curious about Pedigree - - - Line Breeding?

    Linebreeding shows up all the time on pedigrees; you'd have to keep both bucks and does back to make a full pedigree though; if you only use that buck it would still only be a 1/2 gen (if you count just having the names as a gen) pedigree because thats how far back it would be on the sire's...
  13. SableSteel

    Guessing Color Genotypes - Please help!

    He looks black tort to me.
  14. SableSteel

    Types of harlequins

    Harlequins are always called by the black-base color, not the orange-base color. So cream harlequin or fawn harlequin isn't a thing. The pheomelanin/orange pigment can range from light cream to red, but they are the same genetically (aside from rufus modifiers) and have the same color name. The...
  15. SableSteel

    Sanctioning breeds, shows etc

    Sanctioning a breed means that the results of that show are sent to the breed club to count for sweepstakes points A rabbit can still show and learn legs if its breed isnt sanctioned Usually a breeder will pay to have their breed sanctioned, but sometimes certain clubs will pay for the sanctions...
  16. SableSteel

    Hello! Introduction to my Herd

    Are you sure those are cream vm, not orange vm? Its hard to tell in pictures if they are dilute or not (cream is dilute), Honey at least doesnt look very dilute Layla looks charlie black tort to me Princess is black/orange harlequin Bashful and Breezy look vienna marked The rest of the colors...
  17. SableSteel

    What color is this baby?

    Looks castor
  18. SableSteel

    guessing the color genetics of my rabbits

    That baby is a broken black tort. For a dilute rabbit, both parents would have to carry dilute but that rabbit is not dilute.
  19. SableSteel

    Vaccine for snuffles?

    I know a lot of people that use it, I just recently gave my rabbits the first dose myself
  20. SableSteel

    Silver fox question

    Blue's not a standardized color in Silver Fox. The only colors allowed in their standard is Black or Chocolate