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  1. jani

    Yippie Skippie! Nest building and fur pulling

    I understand how nerve wracking heat can be! But you are doing your best, that is all you can do! Also, kits generally don't suffer in the heat as much as the adults. I find cold affects kits much worse then heat but the adults do just fine in the cold. A few slate or clay tiles may help as...
  2. jani

    Rabbit Names

    Agreed about pets, I only allow the breeders and other keepers to have names for that reason. And I have promised the children who the breeders are very much pets to, as personality is just as important to me as type that they will never ever go to freezer camp but live out as retired buns due...
  3. jani

    Two Pairs Two Colors! (Maybe)

    No I don’t think so I was commenting on how preditor can steal kits
  4. jani

    Two Pairs Two Colors! (Maybe)

    yup, correct... that is why my cages are like fort knox! top and 4 sides are all 1/4 hardware cloth (keeps mice out of the feed too) and i use dog crates not cages, take the trays out and line floor with 14G 1/2x1 but I put resting pads (the plastic mesh ones so poop drops through and I can...
  5. jani

    anybody else?

    I do! Not not registered but I do keep a pedigree. Not showing yet, but I do try to breed to ARBA standard. I am specializing in blues, I know they are exhibition only, but I love them. As far as I know I am the only person for at least 500 miles with SF. I am also hunting around and wanting...
  6. jani

    Meat Rabbit Diet

    grow outs, pregnant and lactating does get unimited pellet. Other buns get 1 cup a day. All rabbits get unlimited free choice top quality mixed grass goat/horse hay at all times, even in tractors. Not a lot of alfalfa grows around here so none in it. Skinny buns get a pinch of old fashioned...
  7. jani

    where would you add a new breeding pair

    H Hihi the ARBA standard is a published book, I got mine from all things bunnies but ARBA sells it. It is the standard used at rabbit and cavie shows, there is one section in the book for each breed and what they are looking for. Very helpful to have and it isn't expensive.
  8. jani

    New Member

    Ped surg grand dad! Awesome! NP here! May I ask did you decide to get into rabbits or healthy, clean environmentally responsible meat? As I side note, I am "getting into it" again recently in part to teach my 5 year old.. my Dad kept nz rabbit when I was a kid. So right away I can tell you...
  9. jani

    where would you add a new breeding pair

    I breed primarily for feeding my family, but want to promote my breed as well so I try TRY to breed to the arba standard... 2 birds with one stone really, the standard makes for a meatier rabbit. Then when I get kits that are too nice for the freezer- lovely personalities, excellent...
  10. jani

    Rabbit Names

    Of course! I tend to name the breed quality/rabbits for resale. If I know a kit is bound for freezer camp, it feels wrong to name them. Which is strange... the larger animals all get names. Though family tradition dictates all steers are named either hamburger or steak! No names if I want to...
  11. jani

    where would you add a new breeding pair

    I don't know from experience but I just three family spiral aka clan breeding with chickens. I don't see why it wouldn't work with rabbits? Always the important thing is keep records and only breed the best to the best with complimentary traits and cull all bad personalities no matter how pretty.
  12. jani

    Animal For Sale Silver Fox kits from ARBA registered breeders :-)

    I am looking or a pair of BLUE sf, unrelated and show quality (yes I know they can be exhibited only, but don't care). Oh yes, also I live in Canada so need to get them here! TIA
  13. jani

    Vulva colors?

    anyone know how long it takes to go from pale to pink to purple? I have heard the are fertile 14 days out of 16 so are the pale days 2?