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    Hello from a bunny lady in indiana

    She is so cute:love:wish she was mine! Do you know what her pounds are?Do you know what the parents look like?
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    Yippie Skippie! Nest building and fur pulling

    I didn't think about that! Such a good idea I will have to try it!
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    anybody else?

    So cool do you have any tips for the Silver Fox breed? Also Ive been trying to find a good feed/diet for the breed what do you feed your rabbits?
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    anybody else?

    Just thinking if anybody else breeds pure bred silver fox's.And if so do you register them?also any ARBA member's. I just signed up.Any tip's?
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    sexing kit help

    I agree first doe rest bucks. But I would check back later on the doe.
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    Rabbit Names

    No rabbit unnamed!!!lol
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    put fat on the little one's

    Hi, I am new to the Rabbit Talk website. So I have a litter of half Silver Fox rabbits 🐰 half ? anyway I was wondering what You guy's do to put pounds on the little's. and how to make them grow fast. thanks in advance!